Judging Underway for E+E Leader Awards 2024:

Results to be announced on Earth Day




We are pleased to announce that the E+E Leader Awards for 2024 has now entered the judging phase. Our distinguished panel of judges is currently reviewing each submission with the utmost care and attention to detail. All entrants will be notified of their status by March 29th, with plenty of time to prepare winners for the big Earth Day announcement. We invite you to read further to discover more about this year’s program, including a comprehensive set of FAQs that may address any inquiries you have. We encourage prospective entrants to begin considering their potential submissions for the 2025 E+E Leader Awards. The submission season for 2025 will open in October 2024, offering a fresh opportunity to showcase your commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.



Key Dates

Deadline for Entries: January 19, 2024
Winners Notified: March 29, 2024
Winners Announced: April 22, 2024 (Earth Day): E+E Leader Award Winner Recognition Day
E+E Leader Solutions Summit: June 4-5, 2024

Expanded Award Categories

We’re thrilled to honor exceptional achievements in both Products and Projects. Each main category will now be divided into three specialized sub-categories.


Consumer & Residential

Focus: Environmentally friendly everyday products. From cleaning products and food packaging to personal care items, home appliances and more, this is the place to submit your game-changing solutions that make eco-friendly choices accessible for consumers.

Criteria: Innovation, sustainability, and consumer impact.

Why Enter: This category provides a unique platform for your brand to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with household names, demonstrating your commitment to driving responsible choices in the consumer market. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to inspire consumers to make sustainable choices, ultimately exerting a positive influence on corporate environmental stewardship.

Examples of Past Winners: Tide Purclean Liquid, Aeroseal, BlockEnergy, Schneider Home, TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking, Kohler WasteLAB Abstra Collection, ACRE by Modern Mill, Footprint Plant Based Fiber Bowls, Loliware Straw of the Future, Jackson Family Wines, LG NeON Solar Panels

Business & Infrastructure

Focus: Includes hardware and physical technologies that are specifically designed for corporate, building, or campus settings. Whether it’s advanced HVAC systems, lighting, energy-efficient machinery, architectural products, supply chain or personal care needs at scale, this category will recognize tangible solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and efficient built environment.

Criteria: Effectiveness, innovation, and alignment with sustainability goals.

Why Enter: Showcase how your tangible solutions are revolutionizing sustainability, energy and supply chain efficiencies in corporate environments.

Examples of Past Winners: Vitro Architectural Glass, American Tire Distributors, Beam Global EV ARC, Call2Recycle OneDrum, Do Good Foods, Eos Zynth Battery, Hudson Technologies Emerald Refrigerants, Installnet Ecoserv, Thermo King e1000,Wärtsilä GridSolv Quantum, Interface, Inc. flooring, 3M Company Scotch Lock Protective Wrap, Asia Pulp & Paper Foopak Bio Natura Biodegradable Packaging

Software & Cloud

Focus: This category is dedicated to recognizing software and cloud technologies that advance sustainability, energy efficiency, and operational excellence.

Criteria: Ingenuity, functionality, data analysis, and positive impact.

Why Enter: If your software or cloud technology has demonstrated significant strides in promoting a more sustainable or energy-efficient outcome, this is your opportunity to gain recognition for your innovation. Entrants have the chance to showcase how their digital solutions are not only technologically advanced but also yield measurable improvements in sustainability metrics, resource allocation, and overall business performance.

Examples of Past Winners: Benchmark Gensuite AirLog, Cority’s Water Management Solution, Acuity Brands Atrius Sustainability, Assent Supply Chain Sustainability Platform, Catalyze’s REenergyze, Green Badger, Greenstone InvestorPortal, GridPoint Intelligent Energy Network, Heila iQ, Intelex, Turntide Intelligent Barn, UL 360 Sustainability Software, VelocityEHS ESG Software


Energy Innovation

Focus: Projects that emphasize energy efficiency, renewable energy, or innovative energy management. Whether it’s the implementation of cutting-edge solar arrays, groundbreaking energy storage solutions, or advanced HVAC systems designed to reduce energy consumption, we’re interested in seeing your projects that set new benchmarks in the energy sector.

Criteria: Demonstrable impact on energy utilization and conservation.

Why Enter: Become a case study and set the standard for energy innovation. Your project could set new industry standards and serve as a model for how businesses can effectively achieve energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Being recognized for your achievements in this category not only adds credibility to your project but also amplifies its impact by encouraging other organizations to follow suit.

Examples of Past Winners: Ameresco’s Holy Cross Energy/CO Mountain College Solar-plus-storage Project, Bioenergy Devco Maryland Bioenergy Center, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration and METRO AG F-Gas Exit Program, DSD Renewables 5.67 MW solar canopy portfolio for San Bernardino City Unified School District, EcoEnergy Insights saves JoAnn Inc. over 50 million kWh of energy over 4 years, KB Home Microgrid Community, Ameresco & Bank of America corporate campus 10k solar module project, Schneider Electric with Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bimbo Bakeries USA & GreenStruxure

Environmental Impact

Focus: Projects aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.From initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprints and conserving natural resources to those focused on improving social equity and corporate governance outcomes, we welcome a broad spectrum of projects that are making meaningful contributions to a more sustainable and responsible business landscape.

Criteria: Significant contributions to environmental protection, sustainability, or social responsibility. Factors for evaluation include, but are not limited to, measurable impact on emission reductions, waste minimization, water conservation, social equity advancements, and improvements in corporate governance procedures.

Why Enter: This is an opportunity for your organization to stand as a leader, giving you a stronger narrative when engaging with stakeholders, customers, and investors. Your project can serve as an exemplar, inspiring other organizations to initiate or enhance their own ESG commitments and actions.

Examples of Past Winners: United Airlines Eco-Skies Alliance, Flex-Supplier Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Program, GreenTrees-Mississippi Alluvial Valley reforestation project, Honeywell Upcycling Plastic Recycling Technology, Neste-Transforming Gray Infrastructure into Green, Tigon Medical GreenRepair, Agilent’s Certified Pre-Owned Instrument Program, TerraCycle Loop, a global platform for reuse, Kimberly-Clark Corporation 100% Virtual Wind Power for Tissue Manufacturing, Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, Fetzer Vineyards IoT/Big Data Water Waste, Lockheed Martin Sikorsky water project, Marriott International Sustainability Roadmap, Tim Hortons Recycleable Sandwich Wrappers

Software Implementation

Focus: This category is designed to spotlight projects that exemplify the strategic integration of software solutions at the corporate building, facility or campus level. Rather than merely focusing on the software itself, the emphasis of this category is on the implementation phase of the project. We are particularly interested in how the software was deployed, integrated, and managed to solve business challenges, enhance efficiency, or foster innovation in a specific corporate or campus setting.

Criteria: Submissions should demonstrate the project’s impact in solving business challenges, enhancing operational efficiency, or fostering innovation. Key metrics, measurable outcomes, and an outline of the implementation strategy are strongly encouraged.

Why Enter: Use this platform to demonstrate how thoughtful and effective software implementation can be a game-changer in achieving sustainability, energy, and operational efficiency goals. Showcase your project as a standard-bearer for how to successfully integrate software solutions into a business environment.

Examples of Past Winners: P&G Pampers AI-powered manufacturing collaboration with Microsoft, Honeywell Emissions Management Solution, Armstrong International’s Sage Smart Thermal Utility System, EcoEnergy Insights implementation for an American aerospace manufacturer

Judges Choice

Highlight: The top-scoring entry in each of the above categories will receive a Judges Choice award.

Why: The Judges Choice award serves as the highest accolade within each category, denoting not just exemplary performance but the pinnacle of innovative thought and sustainable practice. Winning this award marks the recipient as a leader in their category, setting the gold standard for future endeavors in the field.

Guidance for Selecting Categories

We understand that the innovative nature of your projects or products may blur the lines between categories, potentially fitting into more than one. However, it’s important to note that each submission must be assigned to one category. Should you wish to enter in multiple categories, you will need to simply tailor each submission to highlight the specific aspects that make it uniquely suited for the chosen category. This ensures that the judges can evaluate each entry based on criteria most applicable to the selected category.

Interested in Judging for Us?

If you are interested in participating as a judge for the 2024 E+E Leader Awards and would like to learn more about the opportunity, please reach out to us: [email protected].

We invite experts and industry leaders to be a part of this year’s judging process and look forward to working with you.