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Welcome to the E+E Leader Resource Hub. Please use the search and filter functionality in the sidebar if you are looking for something specific. If you would like to add a report to our sustainability report section, you may fill out your request here.

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FIGS, Inc., a leader in healthcare apparel, released its 2023 Impact Report, showcasing its commitment to healthcare professionals and sustainability. The report highlights significant contributions, including the inauguration of the FIGS Operating Theatre in Kenya, advocacy efforts, and strides in diversity and sustainability.
2023 lyb sr cover 3
LYB is a leader in the global chemical industry creating solutions for everyday sustainable living. Through advanced technology and focused investments, we are enabling a circular and low carbon economy. Across all we do, we aim to unlock value for our customers, investors and society.
Heliogen Cover
Learn how a hybrid power system, PV + CSP, overcomes the challenges of intermittency — as posed by other renewable alternatives — to provide dispatchable clean energy. Plus, see how closed-loop AI and computer-vision calibration and positioning can radically improve efficiency and reliability.
Orbia Report Cover
Orbia’s 15th annual Impact Report encompasses the company’s overall business performance as well as key accomplishments in advancing life around the world in 2023. The report highlights strong progress on the company’s sustainability-driven agenda.
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Businesses increasingly recognize climate change as a pressing threat to prosperity. Stakeholders demand long-term decarbonization goals, yet the effectiveness of current efforts remains uncertain. This report analyzes findings from a survey of 150 executives by Ameresco and Industry Dive across various sectors.
ball report cvr
The 2023 Combined Report demonstrates Ball’s long-term commitment to driving innovation, increasing operational efficiency and prioritizing its people and culture as foundational components to its success.
sustainability unveiled (1)
Thank you for your interest in being a guest speaker on the Sustainability Unveiled Podcast!Please note, due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we've received since January 2024, we are NOW accepting submissions for Season 3 of the Podcast, which premiers in January 2025.We are excited to collaborate with passionate individuals who share our commitment to exploring and promoting sustainability in various aspects of life.
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Convergent’s 2023 Sustainability and Impact Report reflects leadership in ESG practices, highlights its advancements in renewable energy with over 50% of projects including solar PV, and shows significant contributions to carbon emission reductions. The full report offers insights into Convergent’s commitment to sustainability and excellence in the energy sector.
e+e leader webinar montrose esg,
Dive into the complex landscape of methane regulations and their financial implications for the oil and gas industry in our on-demand webinar. Uncover the potential synergies between regulatory compliance and voluntary sustainability initiatives such as OGMP 2.0, Veritas, MiQ, and more. Bracewell LLP will provide a legal perspective on these crucial topics, offering a comprehensive view of the evolving regulatory landscape. Register to gain access to the session and all materials.
e+e leader webinar gridbeyond maximizing your energy strategy the benefits of active participation
Explore the intricate dynamics of the global energy landscape in our on-demand webinar, delving into the critical inflection point of the energy transition amidst uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and volatile supply chains. Our experts examined key trends shaping the energy sector in 2024 and beyond. We scrutinize the reality, expectations, and pathways towards achieving net-zero goals. Register for full access to this event.
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A corporate sustainability strategy can give your business the focus and direction necessary to make major changes that decrease risks to human health and ecosystems, and it starts with data collection. As the saying goes, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
Mars CSR Report Cover
Mars published an open-source action plan – the Mars Net Zero Roadmap – to accelerate action toward achieving net zero emissions by 2050, including a new SBTI-approved target to cut carbon in half by 2030 across its full value chain. As part of the action plan, Mars will be investing $1b over the next three years alone to drive climate action, from farm to table and pet food bowl, supply chain to store, and home to veterinary clinics and hospitals.
Dev Patnaik Jessica Hunt Sustainability Unveiled
Discover how companies with an activated purpose, stakeholder-centric focus, and a culture aligned with core beliefs engage customers, employees, management, and shareholders at a deeper level.
Navigating Green Conversations Jessica Hunt Marissa Rosen
Explore the transformative power of social media in driving sustainability, learn strategies for eco-friendly practices, and discover the crucial role communities play in shaping a sustainable future.
Siemens: Making Net Zero Real
Organizations have identified and published their science-based decarbonization targets, but are unclear about exactly how to achieve it, creating a sense of inertia when it comes to making progress towards published goals.