Transitioning from PFAS Firefighting Foam to Fluorine Free Alternatives

Resource Summary

In the webinar, participants gained invaluable insights into the pivotal shift from PFAS-based firefighting foams to synthetic fluorine-free alternatives (SFFF). This presentation emphasized the critical environmental and health concerns associated with PFAS-containing Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) while highlighting the numerous advantages offered by SFFFs. These benefits include heightened safety measures, a reduced environmental footprint, and substantial cost savings, all without compromising the effectiveness of firefighting.

Our webinar delved into the complexities of this transition, underscoring the necessity for a comprehensive reevaluation of firefighting strategies, equipment, and training protocols. With a distinguished panel of experts and engaging interactive Q&A sessions, attendees departed with a deeper comprehension of the transition process and access to a wealth of valuable resources.

Full event available here


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