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Coastal Buildings Can Stay Compliant with New LED Fixtures That Protect Wildlife

A new product, the JORA cutoff wall pack, is now on the market for owners of buildings requiring wildlife-friendly lighting. The LED product, manufactured by Access Fixtures, emits amber-colored light above 560 nanometers, which is required for some buildings in wildlife areas, such as sea turtle nesting regions in coastal Florida communities. The state developed […]

Hurricane Harvey’s Business Implications

Hurricane Harvey is the first major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) to hit the US since 2005. The storm has claimed 10 lives, caused millions in property damage and has cut power to hundreds of businesses, with far-reaching economical affects. As of yesterday, there were still 280,000 without power in the coastal and Houston areas […]

European Council Reduces Energy Efficiency Targets

The European Council has proposed reducing energy efficiency targets from 1.5% per year to less than half of that. In 2016, the European Commission published its “Clean Energy for All” package with an emphasis on energy and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), which is projected to deliver energy savings of 30% by 2030. Article 7 […]

Carol Dollard – Energy Engineer – Colorado State University

Carol Dollard Energy Engineer – Colorado State University Website: http://www.colostate.edu Please tell us your job responsibilities and day-to-day activities. As an engineer in a Facilities Department at a large public university, we have new challenges almost daily. We can be working to obtain more renewable electricity of the university one day, to implementing energy efficiency […]

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Not All Emission Reductions are Created Equal

Not All Emission Reductions are Created Equal

Not all climate actions result in immediate emission reductions. Emission reporting standards do not address this, so a company could take credit for a reduction that may have no climate impact for years to come. This has serious implications for how we address climate change through consumer choices and corporate actions.

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School Projects in Arizona, Minnesota

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is running energy efficiency upgrades aimed at increasing efficiency and lowering costs to more than 24 schools in its Arizona service area, according to the company. The press release says that the project is run through the TEP Schools Energy Efficiency Pilot Program. It was approved in February by the Corporation Commission (ACC). […]

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Energy, Water Efficiency Projects at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine, has undertaken a five-year building project that will feature advanced energy and water efficiency. On the energy front, the facility will build a new visitor center to LEED Platinum net-zero standards, according to the Press Herald. High performance insulation, HVAC and lighting will be used. Light harvesting […]

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