E+E Leader Awards – FAQ’s

1. When will entrants be notified if they win (or don’t win)?
Winners and non-winners will be notified on or around March 29th, 2024, allowing three weeks lead time to prepare for winner announcements on Earth Day (April 22) 2024.

2. I’ve never heard of the E+E Leader Awards… is this a reputable program?
This is our 12th year administering these Awards, and every year we continue to be blown away by the quality of the entries. To us, they all deserve to win, but that’s why we have an independent panel of judges helping to determine the winning submissions each year.

3. Tell me more about the judges? Can I volunteer or may I recommend someone? Our judges are all volunteers comprised of industry executives working in energy and environmental spaces. Many judges return for multiple years to help judge as they find it a rewarding experience, and we’re always looking to build our panel of judges. If you’d like to learn more about participation as a judge, please email us today.

4. What is the scoring method?
Entries are scored on a numerical basis with an aggregate of the judges’ scores. We use a 1-5 scale, with 5 being a “perfect score.” Any score above a 4.0 is deemed a winner. A TIP: Be clean and concise and focus on metrics, facts and figures in your submissions. Sending promotional (marketing) material is not necessarily the best route to achieve a winning score.

5. I’ve entered before (and won – or didn’t win), and I’d like to enter the same product (or project) as before. Can I enter the same thing as I did the last time?
You most certainly can…in fact we see many companies that are lining up wins across multiple years and promoting all their yearly wins as part of their ongoing marketing strategies.

6. Can we find out who judged our submission?
No, sorry this is an anonymous review process. It would not be fair for our judges to get backlash or complaints/concerns from companies that nominated a product or project but did not achieve a score high enough to win. Anonymity guarantees a truly unbiased program.

7. What happens if we submit and don’t win?
That’s between us. No one will know you entered, and no one will know you didn’t win. And we will share the judges’ comments with you to give you more insight. We have often had non-winning entries resubmitted in subsequent years with updated information that go on to win after considering the judge’s feedback.

8. Where can I see a list of previous winners?
You can view the 2023 winners eBook right here: 2023 E+E Leader Awards EBook

9. Is there a discount or free option for non-profit/start-ups looking to submit?
We are offering a one-time discount per submission for every entry started prior to 11/16/2024. Please use EEL2024 to take advantage of this $50 discount.

We are committed to ensuring that participation in the E+E Leader Awards remains accessible. It’s important to clarify that the $795 entry fee is not a profit center for us – these fees have been calculated to simply cover the administrative and operational costs associated with running a high-caliber awards program, including platform hosting, adjudication, and communications. Our primary aim is to celebrate and showcase excellence in the fields of energy and environment, and we strive to keep these fees reasonable to encourage wide participation.

10. Can we enter multiple products or projects?
Yes, please do. Our team of judges loves to see what you all are working on and can’t wait to dig into the judging process for the next season.

11. If we do a press release and/or a full marketing campaign to support our win, what does E+E Leader provide to help us?
We provide a boilerplate press release, the new E+E Leader Award winners badge and judges quotes for your use in creating your marketing materials. We’d suggest using your E+E Leader winner badge in as many places as possible – from your letterhead to biz cards and product packaging to social media and website designs.

12. How does E+E Leader promote winners?
We will be announcing the full winners list on 4/22/2024 (Earth Day) and will be promoting across our website, special newsletter, and social media. Beyond announcement day, we’ll be pulling out all the stops to continue promoting winners heavily up through our June 4-5, 2024, E+E Leader Solutions Summit. The Summit is our annual virtual event where we celebrate industry solutions, and we find that award winners like to get involved in this event to share more details with the several hundred attendees about their winning products and projects. Stay tuned to E+E Leader for more to come on next year’s Summit!

13. Do you offer a physical trophy/award, or is it all just virtual?
We partner with Rivanna Designs each year to offer updated designs for trophies and wall plaques for any companies that would like some wall or shelf candy for their offices. Information on these options will be provided to winners upon notification of your win.

14. What benefits can companies expect to gain from winning an E+E Leader Award, and do you have any statistics available to justify for my company why we should enter?
We understand you’re looking for data to support an entry to rationalize the time and expense for your organization’s leadership.

The E+E Leader Awards program includes multiple components designed to increase visibility and credibility for winners in the energy and environment sectors. These include press releases, targeted promotions, an eBook feature, and weeks of post-award announcement promotional activities. We also provide winners with an eBadge and boilerplate language with quotes from our organization as well as judges reviewing your submissions.

It’s worth noting that the performance metrics post-award can vary significantly depending on how actively the award is leveraged in each winner’s marketing and communication strategy. Many of our past winners have reported benefits such as:

  • Increased Brand Recognition: The E+E Leader Awards offer valuable brand exposure, not only through our promotional activities but also by affiliation with a respected media organization and award program.
  • Credibility Boost: Being recognized by a reputable organization can serve as third-party validation, adding credibility and authority to your products.
  • Networking Opportunities: The announcement of the awards and subsequent promotional activities often lead to new business connections and partnerships.
  • Employee Morale: Winning an award can serve as a morale booster within your organization, acknowledging the hard work and dedication put into the product or initiative.
  • Competitive Differentiator: Awards can set your product apart in a crowded market, providing a competitive edge that is particularly useful in B2B settings.
  • Enhanced PR and Media Exposure: The media coverage and PR generated can be significant, although this varies depending on how much effort the winning company puts into leveraging the award in their marketing strategy.

We strongly believe that the value of the E+E Awards extends far beyond the initial investment and provides multiple avenues for qualitative benefits.

Any other questions? We have one – what are you waiting for? ENTER TODAY.