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Bigbelly Solar Opens New U.S. Manufacturing Facility, Boosting Local Employment and Sustainability

Bigbelly Solar, a leader in public space waste and recycling solutions, has opened a new U.S. manufacturing facility in Methuen, Massachusetts. This facility will serve as the primary production hub for Bigbelly’s diverse range of waste management solutions, including advanced solar-powered smart bins. By relocating production to the U.S., Bigbelly aims to boost local employment and enhance sustainability in waste management.

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Oil Palm Plantations Drive Alarming Environmental Change in West Papua’s Rainforests

A recent study highlights the profound impact of oil palm expansion on the hydrology and water quality in West Papua’s Kais River watershed. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst shed light on these ecological shifts, urging better resource management to mitigate environmental and public health risks.

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LI-COR Environmental Acquires Onset to Enhance Climate Change and Food Security Monitoring

With the support of Battery Ventures, a global investment firm, LI-COR Environmental is set to enhance its portfolio by integrating Onset’s cutting-edge environmental monitoring technologies. This strategic move aims to broaden the scope of greenhouse gas measurement solutions, catering to a broader array of applications critical for addressing climate change.

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