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Honda Launches America’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

The production of this vehicle at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, OH exemplifies the facility’s commitment to craftsmanship. Patrick McIntyre, the lead at PMC, highlighted the technicians’ transition from building the Acura NSX to the CR-V e, emphasizing their expertise in producing zero-emission vehicles as part of Honda’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Harbinger Secures $400M for Electric Trucks, Bimbo Bakeries Among Key Buyers

Harbinger has secured orders from THOR Industries, the largest recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer globally, recognized for its many brands. Additional orders have come from leading commercial vehicle dealers, including Doggett Equipment Services Group, Campbell Supply, GATR Truck Center, ETHERO Truck + Energy, and Electric Commercial Vehicles (ECV), and postal service operator Mail Management Services.

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Shell, Pennzoil, and INDYCAR Advance Sustainability with Re-Refined Racing Oil

Re-refined base oil is produced from used lubricants that undergo advanced re-refining processes to remove depleted additives and contaminants accumulated during use. This process results in high-quality base oil that can be used to formulate new lubricant products, thereby extending the life cycle of the original material and contributing to resource conservation.

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Trio Emerges as a Unified Global Brand in Sustainability and Energy Advisory

Trio boasts an impressive roster, serving some of the world’s largest corporations across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, technology, logistics, and real estate. The company’s clientele features prominent names like Verizon, Honda, Merck KGaA, Home Depot, GM, and Saint-Gobain NA.

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