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Bigbelly Solar Opens New U.S. Manufacturing Facility, Boosting Local Employment and Sustainability

Bigbelly Solar, a leader in public space waste and recycling solutions, has opened a new U.S. manufacturing facility in Methuen, Massachusetts. This facility will serve as the primary production hub for Bigbelly’s diverse range of waste management solutions, including advanced solar-powered smart bins. By relocating production to the U.S., Bigbelly aims to boost local employment and enhance sustainability in waste management.

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At Gelato, Local Production Meets Global Demand to Cut Waste and Emissions

With a business model that champions local, on-demand production, Gelato operates across 32 countries, effectively minimizing the logistical footprint of manufacturing and distribution. The Oslo-headquartered company represents a new era of efficient and responsible production.

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E+E Leader Awards – Earth Day Announcement

In celebration of Earth Day, we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's E+E Leader Product & Project Awards. This year marked a notable increase in global participation, receiving entries from over 20 countries. We acknowledge the top 63 innovative...

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