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Walmart and Agritask Partner to Enhance Fruit Harvest Technology

Walmart has entered into a strategic partnership with Agritask, a leading provider of crop supply intelligence with a collaboration to enhance decision-making for sourcing managers responsible for seasonal fruit crop yields of cherries and blackberries. The initiative will ensure a consistent supply of fresh produce, minimize food waste, and maintain high customer availability.

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Canada’s First Carbon-Negative Waste-to-Energy Facility Announced

Canada Growth Fund Inc. (CGF), Gibson Energy Inc., and Varme Energy Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to develop Canada’s first waste-to-energy facility featuring integrated carbon capture technology. The project aims to process 200,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually, diverting residential garbage from landfills and advancing carbon-negative electricity production.

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University of Michigan Develops High-Efficiency Heat Batteries for Renewable Energy Storage

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed thermophotovoltaic cells that convert heat into electricity with 44% efficiency. This breakthrough marks a significant step toward practical renewable energy storage solutions, addressing the critical challenge of matching energy generation with demand.

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