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PepsiCo Expands Electric Fleet in California to Drive Sustainability Goals

John Dean, President of PBNA’s West Division, emphasized that fleet electrification is a vital component of the pep+ strategy, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability as a core business principle. He highlighted the multifaceted benefits of this strategy, noting its positive impact on the environment, business operations, and the communities PBNA serves.

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Harbinger Secures $400M for Electric Trucks, Bimbo Bakeries Among Key Buyers

Harbinger has secured orders from THOR Industries, the largest recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer globally, recognized for its many brands. Additional orders have come from leading commercial vehicle dealers, including Doggett Equipment Services Group, Campbell Supply, GATR Truck Center, ETHERO Truck + Energy, and Electric Commercial Vehicles (ECV), and postal service operator Mail Management Services.

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Tesla’s Strategic Pivot: Navigating the Supercharger Network Layoffs

Tesla recently laid off 500 workers from its Supercharger network team, signaling a pivot away from expanding its charging infrastructure. With a maturing EV market and increased government regulation, Tesla is doubling down on its core electric vehicle business. This move, while temporarily unsettling for EV drivers, is predicted to accelerate long-term growth and innovation within the charging industry.

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EPA Finalizes Vehicle Pollution Standards, Boosting Clean Tech and Growth

The EPA’s move responds to the increasing consumer interest and market shifts towards clean vehicles, evidenced by record sales of plug-in hybrid and fully electric cars. These standards, are poised to transition the U.S. auto sector towards a trajectory of continued expansion while making vehicles more affordable for consumers.

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