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Could PA’s Fracking Wastewater Supply Nearly Half of U.S. Lithium Demand?

The study utilized chemical and production compliance data from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to estimate that approximately 1,160 metric tons of lithium could be extracted annually from fracking wastewater. The lithium likely originates from ancient volcanic activity that infused the underground water with lithium-rich ash.

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University of Michigan Develops High-Efficiency Heat Batteries for Renewable Energy Storage

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed thermophotovoltaic cells that convert heat into electricity with 44% efficiency. This breakthrough marks a significant step toward practical renewable energy storage solutions, addressing the critical challenge of matching energy generation with demand.

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Pittsburgh Leads Carbon Reduction Efforts with Ambitious 2030 District Initiatives

The Pittsburgh 2030 District’s 2023 progress report highlights a 48.0% reduction in carbon emissions (including RECs), avoiding 507,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions, a 22.3% reduction in energy use, and a 39.4% reduction in water usage.

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