Solar Resilience: 5B’s Maverick Arrays Lead Puerto Rico’s Transition to Green Energy

5b maverick solar panels in australia

The arrays are specifically designed to withstand extreme wind speeds up to 166 mph, meeting the rigorous ASCE 7-16 standards essential for hurricane-prone regions. (Credit: 5B)

by | Jun 4, 2024

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In a significant step towards enhancing Puerto Rico’s renewable energy infrastructure, 5B has been awarded a 69 MW solar contract by AES Puerto Rico, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation. This project is pivotal for the island as it transitions towards a more resilient and green energy grid.

A Milestone for Puerto Rico

This solar + storage project, located in Jobos, a hurricane-prone region in western Puerto Rico, includes the deployment of 1,392 of 5B’s Maverick arrays and a 100 MW four-hour duration battery energy storage system. As Puerto Rico recovers from past hurricanes and aims to fortify its energy infrastructure, this project represents a critical investment in its future resilience and sustainability.

The 5B Maverick solar arrays are at the heart of this project. These prefabricated, pre-wired ground-mounted arrays are engineered for rapid deployment and high performance. They are specifically designed to withstand extreme wind speeds up to 166 mph, meeting the rigorous ASCE 7-16 standards essential for hurricane-prone regions.

Key Features of the 5B Maverick Arrays:

  • Durability and Resilience: Engineered to endure harsh weather conditions, the Maverick arrays are ideal for regions susceptible to extreme weather events.
  • High Energy Density: The arrays can achieve up to 98% more energy yield per unit area than single-axis tracker systems and 87% more than fixed-tilt structure PV arrays.
  • Efficient Land Use: The compact design allows for double the energy generation per acre compared to conventional solar solutions.
  • Rapid Deployment: Because they are prefabricated and prewired, these arrays reduce on-site labor by 70%, enabling swift installation.
  • Modularity and Mobility: The arrays can be folded and relocated as needed, providing flexibility for various applications, including off-grid and remote locations.

Enhancing Energy Infrastructure

David Griffin, CEO of 5B, emphasized the significance of this project: “This deal clearly demonstrates the ability of the 5B team and our 5B Maverick prefabricated solar array technology to meet the scale, performance, and cost requirements of our utility-scale customers.” The project is set to begin shipments in late 2024, highlighting 5B’s commitment to timely and efficient project execution.

Jesus Bolinaga, AES Puerto Rico Market Business Leader, remarked on the strategic importance of this project: “The high wind resilience of 5B’s Maverick solar technology and its ability to generate more power per acre offers a solution that can enhance reliability and maximize land use. This project is another example of our commitment to advancing a more resilient and green energy grid for the people of Puerto Rico.”

Global Implications

Deploying 5B’s Maverick technology has global implications beyond Puerto Rico. The technology addresses key issues faced by the North American market and beyond, such as the increasing costs and scarcity of land and remote labor. The prefabricated nature of the Mavericks removes a significant portion of labor from the field, making large-scale solar projects more feasible and cost-effective.

Integrating 5B’s Maverick arrays into Puerto Rico’s energy landscape is a transformative step towards a more resilient and sustainable future. This project showcases the innovative capabilities of 5B’s technology and sets a precedent for future renewable energy projects worldwide.

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