Aptera Motors Expands Launch of Solar Electric Vehicles into UAE

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The integrated solar panels enable the vehicle to cover up to 40 miles per day using free power from the sun. (Credit: Aptera)

by | Jun 10, 2024

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From the start, Aptera Motors has worked to transform transportation through continuous innovation. The company’s vision transcends traditional design and efficiency, emphasizing environmental health. With a deep commitment to sustainability, Aptera Motors sought to utilize solar power to meet everyday transportation needs. This ambitious vision culminated in developing patented solar electric vehicle technology, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and conventional charging infrastructure, setting Aptera apart in the automotive industry.

Earlier this year, Aptera announced the successful closing of its Accelerator Program, which resulted in $33M to jumpstart production of its solar electric vehicle.

Successful Crowdfunding and Future Plans

Aptera Motors has also achieved remarkable success with its crowdfunding initiative, which will conclude on June 30, 2024. This Regulation A offering has raised over $100 million from more than 17,000 investors over three years. Moving forward, Aptera aims to secure private funding through US Capital to support the scaled production of its SEVs.

Aptera Motors has introduced the world’s most technologically advanced solar electric vehicles (SEVs). This innovation is made possible by significant advancements in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science, and manufacturing processes. Aptera’s SEVs, which mark the beginning of a series of eco-friendly vehicles for both consumer and commercial use, boast the most extended range of any production vehicle, capable of traveling up to 1,000 miles per charge. Additionally, these vehicles can cover up to 40 miles daily using free power from integrated solar panels.

The unique design of Aptera’s SEVs incorporates only six key body components, enabling the vehicle to achieve exceptional energy efficiency by minimizing aerodynamic drag.

UAE Market Expansion

In mid-April, Aptera Motors announced its expansion into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market, a significant milestone in its global growth strategy. This move aligns with Aptera’s ambitious goal of producing one million solar electric vehicles by 2030 and establishing a robust international presence.

The UAE market is ideal for Aptera’s innovative solar-powered electric vehicles. With strong consumer demand for clean mobility solutions and a supportive regulatory framework, the UAE is poised to facilitate swift international deliveries and adoption of Aptera’s SEVs.

Exclusive Union Edition SEV for UAE

To celebrate its UAE market entry, Aptera will produce the limited ‘Union Edition’ SEVs, which will be exclusively available in the UAE in 2026. These units will feature a gold exterior, advanced ‘Solar Chill’ technology for pre-cooling the cabin, butterfly doors, commemorative markings, and custom interior trims, offering a distinctive driving experience.

Investors contributing USD 27,000 (approximately AED 100,000) or more after April 19, 2024, can secure one of the 53 exclusive Union Edition SEV reservation slots. This investment grants access to a unique vehicle and supports Aptera’s mission to transform global transportation and reduce emissions.

As part of its UAE debut, Aptera participated in DRIFTx, (check minute mark 3:50) an international exhibition focused on smart, autonomous, and sustainable urban mobility. DRIFTx was held on April 25-26, 2024, at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi. This event provided Aptera a platform to showcase its groundbreaking technology and engage with advocates of sustainable mobility.

Strategic Alliance with CTNS

Aptera Motors has forged a strategic alliance with CTNS to advance its solar EV production. This partnership includes agreements to build Aptera’s battery pack program and develop other energy solutions. CTNS, an expert in battery innovation technology, will serve as Aptera’s tier-1 battery supplier and manufacturer, bringing its expertise to the US to support Aptera’s efforts in designing, building, and validating a high-quality, energy-efficient battery pack program.

The alliance with CTNS was facilitated by a California Energy Commission (CEC) grant through its Clean Transportation Program. This grant supports the development of Aptera’s zero-emission vehicles and brings additional business and employment opportunities to California, aligning with Aptera’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The master supply and investment agreements signed in late 2023 represent a significant partnership between Aptera and CTNS. CTNS will contribute $5 million to support Aptera’s battery pack program, complemented by a Korean grant program and additional funding from the CEC, totaling approximately $10 million.

Aptera Motors continues to lead the charge in solar electric vehicle innovation, with a vision to revolutionize global transportation and reduce environmental impact.


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