ThroughPut, Inteligistics Partner to Transform Fresh Produce Supply Chain

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Up to 30% of fresh produce is lost or wasted before reaching consumers due to inefficiencies in supply chains. The new partnership between ThroughPut.AI and Inteligistics aims to drastically reduce this waste, ensuring fresher deliveries and higher profits. (Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash)

by | May 30, 2024

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Optimizing Perishable Supply Chains for Profitability and Efficiency

ThroughPut Inc., a pioneer in industrial AI supply chain decision intelligence, and Inteligistics, a leader in digital visibility solutions for perishable supply chains, have announced a strategic partnership to transform the agriculture and fresh produce sectors with a collaboration that optimizes supply chain and cold chain operations to enhance sales, profit margins, output, safety, and traceability.

The agriculture and fresh produce sectors often grapple with volatile prices, unpredictable volumes, and significant product spoilage. These challenges lead to high rejection rates, discounts, and avoidable lost margins. By integrating ThroughPut.AI’s advanced supply chain analytics and decision intelligence software with Inteligistics’ expertise in supply chain performance and sustainability, the partnership aims to significantly improve the efficiency of supply and cold chain operations for growers, suppliers, carriers, distributors, and retailers. This will ensure fresh products, from berries and vegetables to fish and meat, are delivered faster, fresher, and safer, with comprehensive supply chain visibility.

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility and Actionability

Customers have introduced ThroughPut.AI and Inteligistics as complementary partners due to their mutual strengths. ThroughPut.AI’s patented Gartner-ranked Supply Chain Analytics & Decision Intelligence software complements Inteligistics’ supply chain performance and productivity proficiency. This synergy aims to minimize waste, shrink, unfilled orders, and lost sales, benefiting customers, their consumers, and owner-investors globally.

Seth Page, COO and Head of Strategic Partnerships at ThroughPut Inc., emphasized the critical need for advanced solutions in the food and agricultural industry. He noted that current supply chains suffer from fragmented legacy solutions that fail to address the complexity and volatility of modern networks. By partnering with Inteligistics, ThroughPut.AI aims to provide unprecedented supply chain visibility, actionable insights, and optimized recommendations. This allows stakeholders to leverage data throughout the supply chain, ensuring that the right produce reaches the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the best price, while maintaining safety and traceability.

Rao Mandava, CEO and Chairman of Inteligistics, highlighted the partnership’s benefits for agricultural producers and buyers. He stated that leveraging data for intelligent decision-making will accelerate margins, reduce risks, and unlock new growth opportunities. Integrating data from legacy platforms, including ERP, WMS, and procurement systems, into a unified operational picture will enhance inventory management and regulatory compliance without causing major operational disruptions.

Driving Value Through Joint Capabilities

The collaboration between ThroughPut.AI and Inteligistics brings together AI-powered advanced analytics with innovative supply and cold chain performance improvement capabilities and the partnership is set to deliver significant value across several key areas:

Fill Rate Optimization: The joint solution will dynamically allocate products based on variable farm and producer outputs, ensuring timely demand fulfillment. The solution balances supply with demand in real time by forecasting customer demand, pricing, and volumes. Tailored fill rates based on customer segmentation will help prioritize higher-margin products, maximizing on-time and in-full (OTIF) rates for optimal returns.

Enhanced Scheduling: Suppliers and buyers benefit from optimized loading facility and cross-docking scheduling. Data-driven recommendations will improve order fulfillment time slots, ensuring necessary labor, docks, and slots are available for timely loading. This will enhance operational efficiency, throughput, output, and revenue generation while minimizing delays and idle time.

Reduced Rejection and Discount Rates: Leveraging data inputs from both companies, the joint solution will optimize end-to-end supply chain operations while maintaining product quality and food safety. By analyzing product temperatures, sales history, and movement data, the solution predicts the likelihood of rejection or discounts, reducing these rates and minimizing waste. Predictive shelf-life management and First Expire/First Out distribution will further enhance inventory management.

This strategic partnership will optimize the agriculture and fresh produce supply chains, driving profitability, efficiency, and sustainability.

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