Talon International, Seaman Paper Partner to Cut Plastic Packaging

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by | May 2, 2024

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Talon International, known historically as the original zipper company since its late 1800’s launch, works with many top global fashion brands to advance sustainable practices and high-quality product offerings. In one such new partnership with Seaman Paper, Talon International will now harness the innovative capabilities of Vela, a pioneering eco-friendly paper designed to supplant traditional plastic packaging. This collaboration is a business alignment and a significant stride in Talon’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable innovation. 

Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon International, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the alignment with the company’s green initiatives. “We are thrilled to partner with Vela and bring their innovative sustainable packaging solutions to our customers,” said Dyne. “Together with Vela, we are setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry by reducing plastic waste and contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.”

Revolutionary Packaging that Marries Function with Sustainability

Vela bags, developed by Seaman Paper, represent a revolutionary shift in packaging technology. These transparent paper bags protect garments and other products from environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, and moisture during transit. The transparency of the bags is particularly noteworthy as it allows for the scanning of contents without necessitating opening the package, thereby enhancing efficiency in logistics. Each bag features a full-width adhesive strip and concealed vent holes, ensuring practicality is not sacrificed in the pursuit of sustainability.

Dave Deger, Chief Strategy Officer at Seaman, expressed the significance of this collaboration, saying, “We are excited to be collaborating with Talon on the inclusion of the paper-based Vela solution in their portfolio. The Vela offering and global manufacturing footprint, in conjunction with Talon’s global supply chain expertise represents a powerful combination and a ready-made solution for brands looking to advance their sustainability and packaging initiatives.”

The Vela bags are curbside recyclable and FSC-certified, affirming that the paper originates from responsibly managed forests that offer tangible environmental, social, and economic benefits. This partnership also supports the “Sea the Difference” initiative, where each Vela bag purchase contributes to ocean research and conservation efforts, reinforcing the commitment to protect vital global ecosystems.

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