Shell, Pennzoil, and INDYCAR Advance Sustainability with Re-Refined Racing Oil

Pennzoil Performance + Racing Oil

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by | May 21, 2024

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Shell, Pennzoil, and INDYCAR have unveiled the new Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil, formulated with re-refined base oil (RRBO), to deliver superior engine performance while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. INDYCAR teams will utilize this innovative oil during the Indianapolis 500 and NTT INDYCAR Series.

Bree Sandlin, Vice President of Shell Lubricants Marketing North America, emphasized the significance of this advancement, noting that Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil’s integration as the official lubricant of the 2024 NTT INDYCAR Series showcases the technological progress in motor oil made with re-refined base oil. Sandlin highlighted INDYCAR’s role as a premier testing ground for proving the reliability and durability of these advanced lubricant technologies in demanding road conditions.

Environmental Impact and Performance Benefits

The use of RRBO significantly conserves non-renewable resources by minimizing reliance on base oils derived from primary fossil materials. The re-refined base oil component achieves a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the base oils used in the Pennzoil products formulated for the 2023 NTT INDYCAR Series. When combined with premium additives, the new formula delivers an overall 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the previous year’s racing oil.

Shell Motorsports Technology Manager Bassem Kheireddin affirmed that Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil has undergone rigorous testing and has been approved by INDYCAR, Honda, and Chevrolet to meet racing’s high-performance requirements without compromising performance.

Milestone for Sustainable Motorsports

Mark Miles, President & CEO of Penske Entertainment Corp., recognized the introduction of Pennzoil Performance+ Racing Oil using re-refined base oil as a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to foster a more sustainable future for the NTT INDYCAR Series, Team Penske, and the broader motorsports industry.

Re-refined base oil is produced from used lubricants that undergo advanced re-refining processes to remove depleted additives and contaminants accumulated during use. This process results in high-quality base oil that can be used to formulate new lubricant products, thereby extending the life cycle of the original material and contributing to resource conservation.

More on a Greener Indy 500

Shell, the official fuel, motor oil, and lubricant sponsor of the NTT INDYCAR Series, began producing a new race fuel in 2023. This fuel is a blend of second-generation ethanol derived from sugarcane waste and other biofuels. This fuel is 100% comprised of feedstocks categorized as “renewable” under applicable regulatory frameworks. INDYCAR has become the first United States-based motorsports series to power racing with 100% renewable race fuel, enabling at least a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil-based gasoline.

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