Brambles’ Impact on Global Supply Chains Through Sustainable Practices

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In 2023, Brambles ranked 3rd in Corporate Knights Inc.’s Global 100 ranking of the most sustainable companies. (Credit: Canva)

by | May 22, 2024

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Brambles is a global leader in the sharing economy and sustainable logistics. It supports supply chains across consumer goods, fresh produce, beverages, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Using a circular business model, Brambles promotes the sharing and reusing of a large pool of pallets and containers, reducing environmental impact and improving supply chain efficiency and safety.

In its ongoing pursuit of global sustainability leadership, Brambles has made significant strides in FY23 towards achieving its ambitious 2025 sustainability targets. Rooted in the ethos of regeneration, Brambles is committed to delivering essential services that positively impact nature and society.

Current Progress

Brambles has established a robust and diversified energy portfolio to enhance its sustainability efforts. This portfolio includes 39% renewable contracts, 3% on-site generation, and 58% Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). This strategic mix reduces carbon emissions and bolsters the company’s overall resource efficiency.

In FY23, Brambles made significant strides in waste reduction and conservation. The company successfully diverted 1.2 million tons of waste from landfills, equivalent to 172,349 garbage trucks. Additionally, Brambles conserved 3.1 million cubic meters of wood, saving approximately 3.0 million trees, and mitigated 1.9 million tons of CO2-e emissions.

The company contributed $7.77 million to various community initiatives and surpassed its targets by reaching 19.7 million people through food banks. Furthermore, Brambles engaged 903,500 individuals through its communication, training, and advocacy programs, demonstrating its dedication to societal well-being.

The Zero Waste World initiative gained significant traction in FY23, with 68 customers collaborating with Brambles to achieve shared sustainability goals. The total number of collaborating customers reached 358, underscoring the importance of partnerships in driving sustainability objectives.

Brambles continues prioritizing gender diversity and workplace safety. By the end of FY23, 36.3% of management positions were held by women, reflecting the company’s commitment to inclusivity. Additionally, the Brambles Injury Frequency Rate improved to 3.8, highlighting the company’s focus on ensuring a safe working environment for all employees.

Brambles achieved notable reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions, reinforcing its commitment to climate action. The company also advanced its regenerative forestry program, which includes initiatives like the Tabasco Regeneration Forestry Project, to promote forest-positive outcomes. Brambles has significantly improved its circularity through initiatives that enhance asset sharing, reuse, and recovery. These efforts have led to substantial savings in carbon emissions, timber usage, and waste generation.

The company has received accolades, such as high rankings in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, which highlight its leadership in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Corporate Knights’ 2023 Global 100

In 2023, Brambles ranked 3rd in Corporate Knights Inc.’s Global 100 ranking of the most sustainable companies.

Corporate Knights’ 2023 ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations assessed over 6,000 public companies with revenues exceeding $1 billion. Companies were scored on metrics relevant to their peers, with 50% of the weight given to sustainable revenue and investment. Nine indicators had fixed weights, while others were weighted based on each industry’s impact on the economy. Data for 25 key performance indicators was quantitatively analyzed and converted to letter grades using Corporate Knights’ methodology.

2025 Targets

At the forefront of its agenda is a commitment to sustainable forestry practices, where Brambles pledges to grow two trees for every tree used in its operations. Through its certification program and additional tree planting initiatives, the company aims to ensure 100% sustainable sourcing of timber indefinitely and lead the transformation of forestry markets towards Chain of Custody certification. With a vision to become nature-positive, Brambles is dedicated to restoring forests, going beyond zero waste targets, and drawing down more carbon than it produces, ultimately striving to be a regenerative, nature-positive business.

Brambles is pioneering regenerative supply chains in alignment with its commitment to environmental sustainability by continually improving its circular model. The company seeks to increase the environmental benefits in its customers’ supply chains every year, promoting sustainability throughout the value chain. Brambles is actively engaging with communities through collaborations with food banks, aiming to serve rescued food to 10 million people.

Moreover, Brambles has committed to a 1.5-degree climate future, aligning its carbon emissions targets with the Paris Agreement and striving for 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality across all operations by 2025. Through advocacy, education, and empowerment, Brambles aims to engage one million individuals to become circular economy change-makers, driving widespread adoption of sustainable practices.

Will Brambles meet or surpass its 2025 goals?

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