Turboden and Fervo Energy Forge Ahead in Geothermal Innovation

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by | Apr 25, 2024

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On April 22 in Brescia, Turboden, a leader in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, announced a strategic partnership with Fervo Energy, innovators in enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). This collaboration pursues sustainable, round-the-clock energy solutions, epitomizing the industry’s shift towards more resilient and carbon-free energy production.

A Milestone in Commercial Geothermal Energy

The Cape Station project in southwest Utah represents Fervo Energy’s largest commercial initiative to date in the geothermal sector. With an anticipated capacity of about 400 megawatts (MW), the project underscores a transformative move toward non-intermittent renewable energy sources. Turboden will enhance the project by applying its ORC expertise, initially deploying power plant equipment for the 90 MW first phase. This installation includes three generators equipped with six ORC turbines designed to optimize geothermal energy conversion into electricity.

Scaling Up for a Sustainable Future

The partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to scale up geothermal technology to meet increasing demands for sustainable energy. Tim Latimer, CEO and Co-Founder of Fervo Energy stated that the collaboration with Turboden introduced a new era of scale, which is crucial for fulfilling the growing need for continuous clean energy.

Echoing this sentiment, Paolo Bertuzzi, CEO and Managing Director of Turboden, stated that their combined efforts with Fervo Energy are aimed at paving the way for a cleaner and greener future, leveraging our joint expertise to propel the success of the Cape Station project and potentially additional initiatives across North America. This collaboration might further lead to Turboden considering a new operational base in the United States, enhancing its capabilities with the support of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America.

The success of the Cape Station project is poised to validate the effectiveness of EGS technology significantly, potentially unlocking the door to future geothermal projects throughout the United States. Turboden and Fervo Energy remain committed to spearheading the advancement of renewable energy technologies, demonstrating their leadership in driving the global transition to sustainable energy.

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