Telmont Champagne Green Climate Positivity Campaign

transition glass in multiple shades of green

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by | Apr 19, 2024

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Established in 1912 in Damery, near Epernay, France, Telmont Champagne House remains a bastion of visionary and familial leadership in the champagne industry. Under the stewardship of Bertrand Lhôpital, the fourth-generation Cellar Master and Head of Viticulture, Telmont has embraced an enduring commitment: producing exceptional wine by nurturing a healthy earth. This philosophy crystallized into a transformative project in 2021, titled “In the Name of Mother Nature,” initiated after Telmont’s partnership with Rémy Cointreau group and following its first organic agriculture certification in 2017.

The Impact of ‘193,000 Shades of Green’

“In the Name of Mother Nature” represents Telmont’s holistic approach to minimizing its environmental footprint. The company has phased out unnecessary packaging, adopted the lightest champagne bottles in the industry, and ceased using air freight to lower carbon emissions drastically. Moreover, Telmont is transitioning to organic viticulture for its entire estate and that of its winegrower partners, fostering biodiversity and significantly reducing its carbon footprint. These strategic decisions aim to position Telmont as the first Climate Positive Champagne House by 2030 and achieve a Net Positive status by 2050.

Breaking conventional standards, Telmont has once again innovated by utilizing glass that typically does not meet chromatic standards during color transitions in manufacturing. Partnering with Verallia, the European leader in glass packaging, Telmont has adopted a more resource-efficient production method by recycling this glass. The initiative will produce 193,000 bottles annually in unique shades from green to cinnamon, symbolizing Telmont’s commitment to ecological responsibility and creative resilience.

A Vision for the Future: Climate Positivity and Beyond

Telmont’s commitment extends beyond environmental stewardship to redefine the essence of luxury champagne. Telmont narrates the tale of its pioneering ecological transition with each bottle, embodying a blend of elegance and sustainability. As President of Maison Telmont, Ludovic du Plessis elucidates: “In 2024, Telmont reinvents green and glass! ‘193,000 shades of green’ exemplifies our philosophy. For us, sustainability is not a limit or a constraint, but a ground for creativity and innovation. Every shade of green is a symbol of our commitment to the environment.
We’re not just changing the color of our bottles; we’re trying to transform the wine industry, one shade at a time. In the Name of Mother Nature!” This bold strategy underscores Telmont’s dedication to changing the wine industry, one innovative step at a time, ensuring that every sip reflects both the quality of the champagne and the integrity of its production.

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