Qmerit Expands Network Amid Rising Electrification Demand

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by | Apr 23, 2024

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Qmerit, a foremost provider in North America for implementing and integrating electrification technologies, has reported sizable year-over-year growth. The firm specializes in EV charging solutions, battery storage systems, and solar panels, among other services.

In 2023, Qmerit’s expansive network of certified electricians deployed over 180,000 Level 2 and Direct Current Fast EV charging systems in residential settings, marking a substantial 71% increase from the 105,000 installations completed in 2022. The company also implemented more than 17,500 battery storage systems—a remarkable 170% surge from the previous year—and installed over 27,000 solar panels, representing a 2% growth.

Highlighting a shift in consumer behavior, the company noted more than 6,600 integrated projects where solar panels and battery storage units were installed in parallel, marking the first year such data was captured. This trend underscores a growing consumer inclination to view home electrification components as a cohesive whole rather than in isolation.

Tracy K. Price, CEO and founder of Qmerit emphasized the company’s role in the electrification sector. “Qmerit continues to build a strong platform in becoming America’s trusted and one-stop source for implementation and systems integration services that electrify our homes and businesses,” stated Price, going on to stress the importance of safe, efficient solutions to meet national electrification targets by 2030 while also highlighting the environmental and grid resilience benefits of tapping into diverse energy sources.

Despite facing challenges such as a nationwide shortage of qualified workers, Qmerit successfully expanded its network of certified and vetted electricians to over 23,700, up from about 15,000 the previous year. This growth is crucial as the country progresses towards its electrification goals, necessitating skilled professionals capable of managing increasingly sophisticated technological demands.

Price added, “Electrification deals in technical work that is continuously advancing. Consumers need to know that the person entering their home is a trusted professional with the latest skills and training – safety and quality have to lead America’s shift toward electrification.”

Qmerit’s achievements also demonstrated significant regional growth. Texas and Florida saw a 138% increase in home EV charging installations, while North Carolina and Georgia increased by 122% and 194%, respectively. California, leading in volume, saw an 87% increase, with New York close behind at a 149% rise.

Qmerit remains dedicated to leading the charge in North America’s transition to electrification, offering streamlined solutions through a robust network of company-owned contractors, independent Certified Solutions Partners, and Installers. Its network is complemented by partnerships with top auto manufacturers from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, ensuring a broad and effective reach in advancing electrification technologies.

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