Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. Showcases Outstanding PozPyro Test Results

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by | Apr 11, 2024

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In a significant advancement for the construction and building materials industry, Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (PLAN) has unveiled the results of the recent compressive strength tests conducted on PozPyro. This innovative product represents a transformative step towards sustainable building practices, offering a viable alternative to traditional Portland cement. Developed in collaboration with Pyrogenesis Canada, PozPyro embodies the frontier of CleanTech solutions designed for the planet.

The Quest for a Sustainable Cement Alternative

PozPyro, a state-of-the-art supplementary cementing material (SCM), emerges as a key player in the quest for sustainable construction materials. Utilizing advanced plasma technology, the product transforms quartz silica—an abundant resource—into an effective SCM while circumventing CO2 emissions typically associated with Portland cement production. This breakthrough arrives at an opportune moment, as the global cement industry seeks to align with more environmentally friendly practices without sacrificing quality or performance.

Impressive Early Strength Performance

The focal point of PozPyro’s recent evaluation was its Strength Activity Index (SAI), a critical measure of the compressive strength of cement mortar cubes.

Steve Harpur, CEO of Progressive Planet, was thrilled with the testing outcomes, pointing out how PozPyro’s early results stand out. He explained that supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) typically begin to outdo traditional cement after 28 days. However, PozPyro achieved an impressive average strength of 108.75% just seven days in, exceeding the 75% strength level needed to pass industry standards. This exceptional performance led the company to test additional batches to confirm the results.

PLAN President Steve Gurney also expressed his excitement about the findings. He highlighted the rarity of SCMs surpassing traditional Portland cement’s strength within seven days and praised PozPyro for its better strength and excellent water demand rates.

PozPyro was also found to be highly workable, with its water demand rates falling between 99% and 109%, ensuring its ease of use in different concrete applications.

Addressing a Growing Need for Sustainable SCMs

Canada aims to phase out coal-fired power plants by 2030, so the demand for sustainable SCM alternatives to fly ash intensifies. PozPyro rises to this challenge, leveraging one of the Earth’s most plentiful materials, crystalline silica, to offer a forward-looking solution for the construction industry.

The collaboration between Progressive Planet and Pyrogenesis Canada continues to bear fruit, with PozPyro exemplifying the innovative applications of plasma technology in producing economically and environmentally sustainable materials. All four batches of mortar cubes are set to undergo 28-day SAI tests, with results anticipated post-April 29, 2024, promising further insights into the material’s long-term performance.

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