GSA Advances Federal EV Infrastructure with Recent FedRAMP Authorization and Investment

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by | Apr 4, 2024

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The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is steering the federal government towards a greener future with essential electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure advancements. A new electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) product by Atom Power has recently achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization, providing secure and efficient EV charging solutions for federal agencies. This development, coupled with a substantial $25 million investment from the Inflation Reduction Act for EV charging ports, asserts the GSA’s commitment to supporting the sustainability of the federal footprint and the Biden Administration’s Investing in America agenda.

Streamlining EVSE Authorization for Federal Adoption

The GSA’s announcement that Atom Power’s EVSE product has obtained FedRAMP authorization is important for the agency’s proactive approach to fostering a robust and secure EV charging infrastructure across federal facilities. By achieving FedRAMP authorization, Atom Power joins the ranks of other key players, such as Chargie and ChargePoint, ensuring that federal agencies have access to a vetted list of providers for their EV charging needs. This move is about enhancing security standards and instilling confidence in the federal adoption of EV technologies.

Fueling Federal Fleet Electrification with Strategic Investment

In tandem with regulatory advancements, the GSA’s recent announcement of a $25 million investment under the Inflation Reduction Act highlights a strategic push to expand the federal government’s EV charging network. This funding will support the installation of 782 charging ports across 33 federal buildings in 21 states, working toward the transition of the federal fleet towards zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The initiative is part of a broader effort to meet ambitious targets set by the federal government, including the acquisition of 100% ZEVs by 2035 and light-duty ZEVs by 2027.

Accelerating Toward a Sustainable Federal Footprint

The GSA’s efforts to electrify the federal fleet and enhance EV charging infrastructure are critical components of the Biden Administration’s Investing in America agenda. With over 5,800 zero-emission vehicles ordered in FY 2023 and a significant increase in ZEV orders in the subsequent fiscal year, the GSA is on a clear path to transforming the federal fleet. These actions aim to reduce carbon emissions, foster energy independence, and signify a commitment to leveraging federal purchasing power to support the growth of American jobs and industries in the green economy.

The GSA’s achievement in obtaining FedRAMP authorization for Atom Power’s EVSE product and investing in expanding the federal EV charging network are vital milestones in the journey towards a sustainable and modernized federal fleet. 

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