Embrace Digital Minimalism This Earth Day with Compass Datacenters Recommendations

by | Apr 19, 2024

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This Earth Day, Compass Datacenters invites you to tackle a unique kind of spring cleaning: clearing out digital clutter. Far from a task for traditional cleaning tools, this initiative focuses on sweeping away the digital dust that accumulates unnoticed. Studies suggest that up to 90% of data stored is never reaccessed three months after its initial storage, indicating a massive scope for decluttering.

The Digital Hoarding Dilemma: Insights from a New Survey

As one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies, Compass Datacenters designs and constructs data centers for some of the world’s top hyperscalers and cloud providers. Their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation allows them to integrate advanced technology with modern manufacturing methods, enhancing their ability to deliver projects rapidly without compromising on quality. From inception, Compass Datacenters’ sustainability initiatives have included comprehensive strategies encompassing design, construction, and operational phases, focusing on efficient land use, water-free cooling systems, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Compass Datacenters commissioned an Omnibus survey among over 1,000 Americans to better understand consumer habits around digital file management. The findings reveal a general negligence towards digital cleanliness: 86% of respondents admitted needing to organize their digital files but failing to do so. Reasons range from fear of losing necessary files (41%), procrastination (31%), to the overwhelming nature of the task (33%). Interestingly, cleaning digital spaces ranks last on Americans’ chore lists, with many preferring physical cleaning tasks over digital file management.

Steps to Declutter Your Digital Space

Recognizing the need for better digital hygiene, Compass Datacenters has launched an initiative to encourage disciplined digital file management. On the dedicated website, www.deletedigitaldustbunnies.com, the company offers valuable insights and tips to help individuals clean out their digital closets this Earth Day. “As a society, we’re wasteful when it comes to data, and we’re due to make cleanup a priority,” said Katy Hancock, Vice President of Community Relations, Compass Datacenters. “Digital baggage makes it hard to find what you need and adversely impacts device performance, creating frustration and stress. Worthless data doesn’t serve the people who own it or the infrastructure that houses it.”
In promoting mindfulness about digital waste, Compass illustrates its commitment to zero waste and believes that maintaining tidy, sustainable spaces fosters productivity, safety, and positive outcomes across all its locations. Take a step toward digital minimalism this Earth Day and experience the benefits of a cleaner, more efficient digital environment.

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