Eaton Launches Groundbreaking Clean Energy Microgrid in Puerto Rico

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by | Apr 3, 2024

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Eaton recently inaugurated a clean energy microgrid at its Arecibo, Puerto Rico facility. Renowned for manufacturing circuit breakers essential for homes, buildings, and industrial applications, they have partnered with Enel North America. The project is a positive step toward sustainable energy usage in Puerto Rico, showcasing a substantial decrease in carbon emissions, improvement in energy resilience, and an overall enhancement of community infrastructure.

A Milestone for Sustainable Power: Eaton’s Clean Energy Initiative

Eaton’s initiative in Arecibo stands out as Puerto Rico’s first large-scale clean energy microgrid system. By employing Eaton and Enel North America’s technologies, the project reduces the facility’s energy consumption and serves as a model for integrating sustainable practices within the industry. Mike Yelton, Eaton’s president for the Americas Region Electrical Sector, emphasized the project’s role in demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of microgrids in fortifying energy infrastructure against climate change’s impacts.

The clean energy microgrid is engineered to meet over half of the Arecibo facility’s energy requirements, integrating 5 megawatts of solar power and 1.1 megawatts of battery storage alongside existing generators. This approach aligns with Eaton’s “Everything as a Grid” strategy, aiming to make energy systems more flexible, resilient, and cost-effective.

Resilient Energy for Arecibo: How Eaton’s Project Enhances Local Infrastructure

Puerto Rico’s Governor, Pedro Pierluisi, lauded Eaton’s commitment to the island’s energy transformation, highlighting the microgrid’s role in ensuring energy resilience and minimizing carbon emissions. The initiative reflects Eaton’s broader ambition to halve its carbon emissions by 2030, enhancing energy efficiency and renewable generation globally.

Harold Jones, Eaton’s chief sustainability officer, underscored the urgency of sustainable action, noting the project’s contribution to Eaton’s ambitious carbon reduction goals. Calculated to alleviate strain on Puerto Rico’s utility infrastructure by supplying renewable energy to the local grid, the microgrid should also withstand Category 5 hurricanes.

Eaton’s Green Vision: Driving Towards a 50% Carbon Emission Reduction by 2030

Eaton’s sustainability efforts extend beyond Arecibo, with plans to implement a second microgrid in its Las Piedras manufacturing facility. This expansion underscores Eaton and Enel North America’s dedication to bolstering energy resilience and promoting renewable energy across Puerto Rico.

The Arecibo project exemplifies Eaton’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy leadership in Puerto Rico. Enel North America’s Matt Barnes highlighted the critical role of microgrids in supporting sustainable facility operations and the broader community amidst increasing climate change impacts.

The Future of Manufacturing: Eaton and Enel North America’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

Eaton’s collaboration with Enel North America, leveraging energy-as-a-service financing models, showcases a forward-thinking approach to operational sustainability and resilience. This partnership emphasizes Eaton’s role in Puerto Rico’s electrical transformation, detailing renewable energy’s importance in creating a reliable, affordable, and business-friendly electrical system. Eaton’s dedication to intelligent power management reflects its broader commitment to environmental protection and enhancing the quality of life globally for a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.

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