Earth Day Roundup: Top 10 Plastic Articles of 2024

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(Photo Credit: Unsplash+), Earth Day Wrap-Up includes the top articles on all things plastic in 2024.

by | Apr 22, 2024

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This year’s Earth Day focus shines a spotlight on the pervasive issue of plastic pollution—a theme poignantly captured in this year’s theme, Planet vs. Plastic. Recognizing this critical environmental challenge, we have compiled a list of our ten most popular articles from the past four months (along with a bonus). These pieces delve into various aspects of plastic pollution, offering insights and highlighting the efforts underway to combat this crisis.

Our Top 10 Plastic Articles:

  1. A Look at Plastic’s Impact on Climate Change
  2. Oxford Researchers Release Guidance for Circular Carbon Plastics Economy
  3. Using Banana Peel Films as an Eco-Friendly Answer to Plastic Pollution
  4. Microplastics in Human Blood: A Health Risk for Stroke and Heart Attacks
  5. Americans Demand Greater Efforts in Plastic Recycling
  6. Just How Much Plastic Resides on the Ocean Floor?
  7. Global Support Surges for Single-Use Plastic Ban
  8. Protecting Public Health: EPA Targets PFAS Mixtures with New Standards
  9. Unpacking the Risk of PFAS Exposure through Seafood Consumption
  10. The Potential Threat of Plastic Pellets to Marine Embryos

And a bonus – The most-read article on plastic pollution in 2024 is: Can Simply Boiling Water Combat Nano- and Microplastic Pollution?

This Earth Day let’s commit to understanding the issues facing us all more deeply and continue exploring solutions that can lead to real change. Read on!

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