Carnivore Meat Company® Leads Sustainability Drive in the Pet Food Industry

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Cutting-edge packaging redesign at Carnivore Meat Company®: Maximizing products per case for greener shipping solutions. (Credit: Carnivore Meat Company)

by | Apr 25, 2024

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Carnivore Meat Company® has announced a significant expansion of its sustainability initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. Underscoring the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and respond to the growing consumer demand for sustainable practices within the pet food sector.

In response to market trends and consumer preferences, Carnivore Meat Company® is rolling out new strategies to enhance sustainability. As Nick Ebert, Chief Commercial Officer at Carnivore Meat Company®, highlighted, “Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact while continuing to provide pets with premium-quality nutrition.”

One of the critical initiatives involves optimizing case pack configurations for shipments. By redesigning its packaging, Carnivore Meat Company® can now pack more products per case, reducing cardboard usage and improving transportation efficiency. This strategic move is projected to decrease the company’s reliance on large boxes by 30% annually, leading to significant environmental benefits.

Nick Ebert emphasized the positive impact of these changes, stating, “The new bulk packaging will lead to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, estimated at approximately 82,000 kilograms annually.” This initiative reflects Carnivore Meat Company’s® commitment to sustainability, supporting energy savings, waste reduction, and resource conservation.

Carnivore Meat Company® has partnered with Green Project Technologies, a leading provider of environmental tracking and monitoring solutions, to track and monitor the impact of its sustainability initiatives. The company gains valuable insights into its carbon footprint through detailed assessments of its emissions and comprehensive data analysis. This transparency enables Carnivore Meat Company® to take targeted actions to reduce its environmental impact further, foster accountability, and drive continuous improvement.

Additionally, Carnivore Meat Company®, the parent company of Vital Essentials®, has joined forces with the Pet Sustainability Coalition to advance sustainable practices in the pet industry. “Our partnerships with the Pet Sustainability Coalition and Green Project Technologies represent a significant step forward in minimizing our environmental footprint and propelling our sustainability efforts forward,” said Nick Ebert, Chief Commercial Officer at Carnivore Meat Company®.

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