Alchemie Reveals Low-Emission Textile Dyeing Technology

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by | Apr 12, 2024

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Alchemie Technology, a trailblazer in clean digital textile dyeing technology based in Cambridge, has launched its first production and demonstration facility in Nantou, Taiwan, focusing on woven polyester. The facility showcases Alchemie’s Endeavour low-carbon digital textile dyeing production, setting a new benchmark in the industry and pushing back against traditional methods that have long dominated the sector.

Revolutionizing Textile Dyeing: The Endeavour Process

The Endeavour process represents a transformative leap in textile dyeing technology by switching from conventional wet dyeing techniques to an advanced dry process. This innovation drastically reduces environmental impact, slashing carbon emissions by up to 85% and reducing wastewater production by up to 95%. Dr. Alan Hudd, Founder and CEO of Alchemie Technology, emphasized the significance of this advancement in light of the substantial environmental challenges posed by traditional textile dyeing methods.

“In light of the global fashion industry’s staggering contribution of 2.1 billion metric tons of carbon emissions, equating to over 3% of global emissions, there is an urgent need for action. As the world increasingly prioritizes environmental conservation, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction, there’s a growing demand for low carbon dyeing technology. With the opening of our new production and demonstration hub in Taiwan, we are poised to forge partnerships with leading brands and textile players to unlock greater business opportunities and sustainability. These partnerships are not only about enhancing return on investment but also about driving tangible environmental benefits,” said Dr. Hudd.

Addressing Global Challenges and Expanding Horizons

The textile industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation, with potential emissions projected to reach 2.5 gigatons by 2050 if current practices continue. This alarming trajectory places immense pressure on the industry to adopt sustainable practices to maintain climate stability and limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Alchemie’s new facility in Taiwan is groundbreaking in this context, marking a decade of technological research and development to eliminate pollution from the textile dyeing and finishing processes.

The facility serves as a production site and a demonstration hub, showcasing the capabilities of Alchemie’s technology. Currently focused on polyester woven fabrics, the company has plans to expand its scope to include additional materials as part of its 2024 roadmap. The Endeavour process encompasses a comprehensive solution from the intake of virgin fabric to the output of fully fixed and softened fabric coloration, ensuring high-quality results throughout the production chain. By demonstrating the practical and environmental benefits of the Endeavour low-carbon dyeing process, Alchemie Technology is set to lead the industry toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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