Lundberg Introduces Regenerative Organic Certified® Rice

by | Mar 11, 2024

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Lundberg Family Farms, long recognized for its commitment to organic rice cultivation and as a manufacturer of popular rice products, has just announced its introduction of Regenerative Organic Certified® Rice. This achievement aligns with the company’s aggressive sustainability objectives, including its ambition to achieve regenerative organic certifications for all its organic rice in less than five years.

Lundberg’s Regenerative Organic White Basmati Rice has been certified through the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) and is slated for release at Whole Foods Market across the nation and direct to consumer at its website beginning next month. This initiative underscores Lundberg’s longstanding commitment to enhancing soil health and supporting ecosystems around its rice fields, a practice articulated by Bryce Lundberg, Vice President of Agriculture and a third-generation farmer, as integral to the company’s ethos.

Enhancing Soil Health and Ecosystem Support

Regenerative agriculture practices emphasize soil vitality, leveraging compost and cover crops to foster nutrient restoration, carbon sequestration, and erosion prevention. These methods contribute to a significant enrichment of organic matter in the soil. Additionally, Lundberg’s water management techniques, including the recycling of water facilitated by the California rice growing region’s unique soil composition, align with broader environmental objectives such as supporting aquatic ecosystems and supporting wildlife. During the winter months, the company floods sections of its farmland. This provides a living space and food for migrating waterfowl, replicating a wetland environment that used to be abundant in the state, but are no more. It also facilitates the decomposition of rice straw, as these birds tread across the fields, pressing the straw into the earth, breaking it down into nutrient-rich mulch for the next planting season.

Commitment to Developing Standards for Regenerative Farming

Craig Stevenson, CEO of Lundberg had this to say about the new certification and future plans: “Regenerative systems are often context-specific, and certification should not be treated as one-size-fits all. Each region and crop will need to implement different standards based on soil type, weather conditions, ecosystem and crop needs. Lundberg is working closely with certifying bodies like ROA to develop standards for California-grown rice. We recognize the urgency and importance of this certification effort, and our goal is to certify all the organic rice Lundberg grows by 2027.”

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