Dow and P&G Forge Partnership to Innovate in Plastic Recycling Technology

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by | Mar 26, 2024

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Dow and the Procter & Gamble Company have just revealed a joint development agreement (JDA) for advancing new technology in the recycling industry. Their collaboration focuses on a solution that promises to efficiently convert challenging plastic packaging types into recycled polyethylene of near-virgin quality while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Combining Expertise for Sustainability

Dow and P&G will leverage their proprietary technologies and deep knowledge in the dissolution process. The program will concentrate on employing dissolution technology to recycle a wide array of plastic materials, especially targeting polyethylene and post-consumer plastic waste like rigid, flexible, and multi-layer packaging, which traditionally pose recycling challenges.

The end goal is expected to produce a high-quality recycled (PCR) polymer from consumer waste, boasting lower greenhouse gas emissions than its fossil-based counterpart. P&G anticipates integrating this PCR polymer into their product packaging, facilitating a move towards circularity that emphasizes maximizing resource utilization and minimizing waste.

The Path to Commercialization

The global partnership kicks off immediately, with the intent of achieving commercial-scale deployment. Each company will contribute their extensive expertise in materials science, manufacturing capabilities, and large-scale supply chain management, which are critical components in developing and launching this innovative recycling technology.

“Dow is committed to transforming plastic waste into circular solutions that can be made into high quality resins demanded by our customers while helping to accelerate a circular economy. We are excited to work with P&G who has similar sustainability goals and commitment to innovation,” expressed Dave Parrillo, vice president for Research & Development at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics and Hydrocarbons.  Similarly, Lee Ellen Drechsler, senior vice president of Corporate Research and Development at P&G, emphasized “Our partnership with Dow helps P&G advance our objective to scale industry solutions as we help create a circular future where materials are recycled and remade instead of becoming waste.”

Accelerating Circularity and Sustainability Goals

Dow and P&G have set ambitious targets to advance circularity within their operations. Dow aims to transform waste by commercializing three million metric tons of circular and renewable solutions by 2030. Procter & Gamble’s vision includes achieving 100% consumer packaging designed to be recycled or reusable within the same time frame.

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