Ardagh’s Money4Glass Initiative Transforms Glass Recycling in South Africa

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(Credit: Ardagh Glass Plant)

by | Mar 20, 2024

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In July 2023, Ardagh Glass Packaging (AGP–A) launched a recycling initiative, money4glass, which has significantly contributed to the sustainability and economic growth of the glass recycling sector. Since 2023, Ardagh’s Clayville facility in Gauteng received around 278,000 tons of cullet (crushed glass for recycling). Of this total, 35% was obtained through the money4glass program. In the Western Cape, over 50,848 tons of cullet were received at the Bellville facility, and 12.7% of the total was processed through the initiative.

Money4glass categorizes glass recyclers into three levels, catering to varying capacities, from large-scale operations to informal traders, thereby inclusively promoting glass recycling growth. The more recycled content is used in producing new glass packaging, the fewer raw materials are needed, less energy is consumed, and less CO² is emitted.

Thomas Shaw, Ardagh Glass Packaging– Africa supply chain executive, stated, “There is, however, still plenty of room for growth, and we’d like to remind glass recyclers of the compelling incentives available on the money4glass program. There are several incentives and subsidies that can be paid to qualifying recyclers to help drive growth in glass recycling in South Africa,”

Central to money4glass’s success utilizing BanQu technology, a web-based platform enhancing transparency, efficiency, and equity in the recycling value chain. This digital transformation has facilitated a smooth transition for South African glass recyclers, significantly influencing the program’s adoption and driving industry-wide positive change. This initiative aligns with the South African government’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, aimed at reducing waste and encouraging recycling to decrease reliance on new raw materials.

During the initial period, Ardagh Glass Packaging, in collaboration with The Glass Recycling Company, disbursed nearly $335,000 in incentives in Gauteng and over $67,000 million in the Western Cape.

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