GE Vernova, Itron Partner to Develop Grid Management System

Power line in forest

(Credit: GE Vernova)

by | Feb 23, 2024

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GE Vernova and Itron have collaboratively developed a grid management software, GridOS Data Fabric, to help utilities adapt as renewables and distributed energy resources like solar and electric vehicle charging infrastructure join the grid.

GE Vernova’s GridOS Data Fabric program integrates Itron’s Grid Edge Intelligence solution to allow grid operations managers to efficiently handle load demand and resolve other grid constraints. The platform can collect and analyze data from the grid through Itron’s Data Hub, helping forecast energy generation and working to create a more reliable grid overall.

GE Vernova’s GridOS distributed management system combined with Itron’s distributed intelligence data provides information on service transformer, location, phasing, and voltage loads. The program reportedly offers greater access to residential distributed energy resources, allowing utilities to optimize technologies such as smart thermostats, residential solar, and EV chargers.

It also uses AI and machine learning combined with meter management insights in order to identify any discrepancies between network models and real-world data.

“Itron and GE Vernova both recognize that grid operators need more data and insight for proactive, real-time decision making, reliable forecasts, rapid and confident responses to outages, non-wires capacity upgrades, and the ability to predict potential problems before they occur,” said Don Reeves, senior vice president of outcomes at Itron.

Data Management Collaboration Accelerates Grid Modernization

The grid has become more complex as an increasing number of distributed resources are used to generate energy, making data collection and management more necessary. With grid management tools, operators can identify and analyze large amounts of data to quickly make informed decisions for better grid orchestration.

GE Vernova said that its collaboration with Itron is a necessary step in scaling breakthrough technologies to support the rapidly changing grid. The new collaboration also builds on the company’s acquisition of Greenbird Integration Technology AS and the launch of GridOS Connect, the company’s energy data integration engine that provides continuously updated data sets to grid management systems.

“In a rapidly evolving age of renewables, EVs, climate and energy security disruptions, achieving comprehensive understanding of grid performance is imperative for utilities aiming to orchestrate a reliable and more sustainable grid to meet customer expectations,” said Mahesh Sudhakaran, general manager of grid software at GE Vernova. “Bringing Itron’s experience at the edge and GE Vernova’s deep expertise in grid operations together offers a path for utilities to streamline and unify their approach to demand management, DER optimization, and grid operations to deliver a grid fit for the future.”

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