Solar, Battery Storage ‘Sustainable Community Networks’ Brought to L.A.

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by | Jan 11, 2024

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Electriq Power Holdings will launch 10 new sustainable community networks (SCN) in the Los Angeles area, providing reliable and accessible solar and battery storage systems to homeowners.

SCNs allow homeowners to benefit from renewable energy without facing upfront costs or electricity price increases. The program does not include income, credit, or property lien requirements, aiming to allow low-to-moderate income residents access to affordable clean energy. Electriq’s SCN program, called the PowerUp Network, may lower electricity costs by up to 20%, stabilize electricity costs by avoiding peak pricing, and provide backup power during outages, the company said.

The SCN program has become increasingly popular as homeowners look to save money amidst rising energy costs and to maintain energy resiliency. The U.S. Energy Administration has found that California has faced electricity rate increases of 34% to 82% across three major utilities since 2014.

“Our vision is to make reliable, affordable, clean energy available to everyone, regardless of means, which is why our programs are rapidly growing,” said Frank Magnotti, CEO of Electriq. “Our program is great for low-to-moderate income households because it gives them the ability to install solar + storage because we’ve removed those financial barriers.”

Solar, Battery Systems Help Homeowners Amidst Extreme Weather, Provide Opportunity for Just Energy Transition

As the United States faces rising electricity costs, the country has also experienced a number of power outages in recent years due to an increasing number of extreme weather events. Electriq claims that their SCN system may allow communities to access reliable power, even amidst damaging weather. The company’s solar products include energy storage, which may serve as a backup power source during outages.

As low-income households are hit hard by rising energy costs, Electriq’s SCNs are one of many pathways used to create a more just energy system overall through the clean energy transition. The Inflation Reduction Act includes rebates for low-and-moderate income homes that implement energy efficiency and electrification technologies. Community solar programs, which provide clean electricity to homes without the high costs of residential solar panel installations, are yet another increasingly popular option.

With the 10 new SCNs, Electriq estimates that about 400,000 residents will benefit from solar and battery storage, and the company expects the new program to be available to consumers by the end of first quarter of 2024.

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