Eco Wave Power Global is Making Waves Worldwide

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by | Oct 10, 2023

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The Swedish energy enterprise Eco Wave Power Global developed a technology to turn ocean and sea waves into electricity. It’s a reliable energy source, not subject to weather conditions. However, costs have been an impediment.

The company has set milestones during the year, including connecting a wave energy project to Israel’s primary grid. Israel is buying wave power from Eco Wave under a power purchase agreement. One wave energy system is comprised of ten floaters along the Port of Jaffa’s pre-existing breakwater. Each of the floaters is directly connected to Eco Wave Power’s land-based energy conversion unit, allowing easy access for operational maintenance and upgrades.

“Israel’s biggest contribution to the climate crisis has been to solve it with innovative climate technologies,” Gideon Behar told this writer at last year’s COP27 meeting. “We have developed practical, affordable, and scaleable solutions — made stronger because we collaborate with others,” Israel’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and Sustainability added.

Israel, which aims to be net zero in 2050, emits only 0.2% of global CO2 releases. But its technologies are critical to addressing climate change and water shortages. The power station has an installed capacity of 100 kilowatts, which is enough energy to power up to 100 homes at peak efficiency. Ideally, Israel wants wave energy to provide 15% of the country’s electricity.

Wave energy is when generators are placed on the ocean’s surface, and the strength of the wave determines energy levels. Tidal energy converts energy from tides or the continuous flow of water.

Wave energy is workable in this country as well.

joint analysis by the U.S. Department of Energy and Georgia Tech says that the West Coast, including Alaska and Hawaii, are excellent prospects. It says Maine has the best odds of success on the East Coast. What do the wave and tidal energy have that wind and solar do not? A continuous flow of water that won’t disrupt reliability.

Scientists and engineers must still prove their technology on a large-scale basis. Environmentally, tidal power plants can impede sea life migration and affect local ecosystems. The optimal solution, says the Energy Department, is to select sites that preserve scenic shorelines.

The Barriers Ahead

Economically, barriers also exist. Operational costs are reasonable. But building and maintaining those plants is expensive. Therefore, the return on investment takes a long time. It is furthermore problematic when it comes to getting the power to shore. While generally predictable, wave and tidal energy must prove themselves just as dependable as fossil-fired or nuclear generation.

Eco Wave Power is also in the advanced licensing stage with the Port of Los Angeles. At the same time, the California State Assembly directs the California Energy Commission to evaluate the feasibility, costs, and benefits of using wave energy and tidal energy along California’s 840-mile coastline.

The program’s objective is to accelerate the energy transition and to meet the state’s aggressive climate goals. That includes reducing CO2 levels by 48% below 1990 levels by 2030 and reducing 85% by 2045.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that the wave energy potential in California is 140 terawatt-hours per year, equivalent to the power needs of 13 million homes or 69% of California’s 2019 net electricity generation. If developed and deployed at scale, wave and tidal energy could benefit the state and the nation economically and environmentally.

This is a “landmark piece of legislation that continues to demonstrate California’s leadership in renewable energy,” said Eco Wave Power Founder and CEO, Inna Braverman. “California’s 840-mile coastline is an ideal home to the nation’s first-ever wave and tidal energy legislation. Here at Eco Wave Power, we are aiming to have our innovative technology generating electricity at the Port of Los Angeles in the coming months to further demonstrate California’s leadership. We urge Governor Newsom to sign SB 605 into law – a huge first step to unlock the full power of the ocean.”

Eco Wave also has projects in Portugal, Taiwan, and Greece.

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