New Map Shows Where Clean Energy Investments are Being Made in USA

DOE map of clean energy projects

Photo by DOE

by | Sep 18, 2023

DOE map of clean energy projects

(Credit: DOE)

The Department of Energy is putting new clean energy investments on display through a new interactive map detailing where these investments are occurring across the United States.

The map is intended to be a resource for tracking the industrialized revitalization and transition to clean energy. The U.S. is currently seeing billions of dollars invested in clean energy thanks in part to the Biden administration’s Investing in America agenda. In addition, the Inflation Reduction Act created new incentives and programs for renewable energy, driving more projects and investments. 

According to the DOE, 450 facilities have made or planned more than $160 billion in investments across the private and public sectors into solar; electric vehicle assembly, components, and chargers; battery; and offshore wind manufacturing. That includes more than 500 planned investments.

“President Biden’s Investing in America agenda has sparked a clean energy boom in every corner of America, bringing with it good-paying, union jobs and new economic opportunity,”  John Podesta, senior advisor to the president for clean energy innovation and implementation, said in a statement. “This new interactive map from the Department of Energy is a great resource for understanding the widespread and important impact this boom is having on communities all across our nation.”

California leads the nation with 52 new clean energy investments, totaling more than $5 billion. Michigan has set 38 clean energy manufacturing investments totaling more than $18 billion, followed by Georgia’s 31 projects totaling over $32 billion and New York’s 30 investments totaling more than $1 billion. Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio are also standouts on the map, each with billions of investments and more than 20 clean energy manufacturing projects.

The DOE noted that many of the plans don’t yet have dollar amounts attached to them, meaning the investment dollars are likely to “significantly” grow over time.

Despite all the investments targeting clean energy in the United States, one analysis recently revealed the country will still only see 25% of its power generated by renewables by 2050. The total representation of renewable energy will jump from 13% of all energy generated in the U.S. in 2022 to just 25% by 2050, according to a report from The Motley Fool.

Compared to neighboring Canada, that’s not a very high figure. Canada’s power grid is already 84% powered by non-emitting sources like hydro, nuclear, and wind. Plus, the country has plans to decarbonize the rest of its energy grid by 2050.

Find the interactive map from the DOE here

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