GE Vernova Pilots Carbon Emissions Management Software

A globe with a missing puzzle piece being filled by graphs and charts.

(Credit: Canva)

by | Sep 14, 2023

A globe with a missing puzzle piece being filled by graphs and charts.

(Credit: Canva)

GE Vernova, the energy portfolio of GE, is conducting a limited release of its carbon emissions management software that aims to help companies in their efforts to reach net zero.

According to the company, the software called CERius is designed to accurately measure, manage, and operationalize insights needed to track carbon-neutral emissions goals. It is engineered to automate accurate greenhouse gas data collection and suggest to companies how to operationalize carbon reduction efforts through scenario analysis, team collaboration, and standardized reporting based on GHG protocols.

It uses AI to provide insights directly from historical, current plant, and enterprise-level processes. According to GE Vernova, the software provides a more accurate result by using  Digital Twin technology that’s better than the current methodology most companies are using to estimate their emissions reporting. Better data can help companies make better decisions when it comes to carbon emissions reduction.

The software can also help companies navigate changing regulations by implementing cross-functional standards and processes. 

“There are increased expectations from regulatory bodies, investors, and companies that have made public net-zero commitments which require more rigor to disclose accurate emissions data,” Amy Cravens, research manager, of ESG Management and Reporting Technologies at IDC, said in a statement. “Companies look to carbon emissions management technologies like GE Vernova’s CERius software to help improve scope 1, 2, and 3 data accuracy and reporting, in addition to measuring abatement planning strategies.”

CERius, is currently in a piloting phase for GE Vernova customers and uses data precision and abatement planning. The company expects CERius to be available generally in early 2024. 

The software is touted as having four main benefits:

  1. Decarbonization planning and activation: Simulation and evaluation of different scenarios in the software can help companies optimize carbon management strategies and assess the potential impact of various initiatives to identify the most effective pathways for reaching net-zero targets.
  2. Decarbonization planning and activation: Cross-functional visibility across executives, managers, and operators can keep the company on track for audit preparations and resolve data quality alerts across departments. 
  3. Emissions tracking: The software offers near real-time data visualization and reporting capabilities through the automated collection and increased accuracy to monitor emissions across operations including assets, plants, and at the enterprise level across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data. 
  4. Help compliance reporting: CERius will help compliance management by automating the collection and analysis of emissions data for regulatory reporting. 

News of the software pilot comes a few weeks after GE VErnova announced it acquired Greenbird Integration Technology, a data integration platform company specializing in utilities. The acquisition was part of the company’s plans to develop a sustainable energy grid.

GE Vernova encompasses the energy businesses of GE, including the combined GE Renewable Energy, GE Power, and GE Digital businesses. GE spun off several of its business sectors into their own entities over the past few years — GE Vernova, GE HealthCare, and GE Aviation. The company will pursue a tax-free spin-off of the GE energy businesses as GE Vernova sometime in early 2024.

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