Advent Technologies Releases Clean Power System for Marine Industry

Marine cargo carrier sails in the ocean

(Credit: Advent Technologies)

by | Sep 26, 2023

Advent Technologies has released a range of new Serene Power Systems, fuel cell-based battery units used to power marine vessels.

Serene Power Systems can be used to replace conventional diesel generators. The systems use a compact battery with a small fuel cell configuration, offering a power source option for smaller vessels such as leisure boats, sailboats, ferries, and inland river vessels. For larger vessel applications, the systems may support auxiliary loads and supply shore power solutions for vessels at ports.

The battery operates by using methanol, biomethanol, or eMethanol. These low-emissions, alternative fuels have been identified as crucial tools for decarbonizing the shipping sector. In the Advent system, methanol is turned into hydrogen using a catalytic process. The systems operate at high temperatures, generating electricity while producing heat and boosting overall efficiency by 85%. The batteries also function effectively at extreme temperatures, from minus-60 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Advent CEO Vasillis Gregorlou, this system eliminates the burden of using a heavy onboard battery and purposely implements methanol as it becomes more widely available in the marine industry.

“Serene Power Systems use liquid green fuel and are much smaller and cheaper than battery-only solutions,” said Chris Kaskavelis, chief strategy officer at Advent. “Our goal is to make them as cheap and reliable as diesel generators, and to fuel with eMethanol made from green hydrogen. This way we achieve zero emissions and zero pollution at an affordable cost.”

Benefits of Serene Power Systems, Green Methanol Fuel

In addition to the Serene Power Systems’ ability to use green fuels and operate at extreme temperatures, Advent also emphasizes a number of practical benefits of the new system.

Customers have the ability to customize each system to fit any given vessel’s specifications, and they require minimal maintenance once installed. The batteries also operate with little-to-no noise production.

Advent plans to soon introduce 100% green eMethanol, made from green hydrogen and sustainable power sources, such as solar and wind power. This zero-carbon fueling option is necessary to meet net-zero goals within the marine transportation sector and may be used by the company’s new system.

More than 90% of world trade takes place across the world’s oceans, carried by more than 900,000 marine vessels. The International Maritime Organization has set a target for the maritime industry to cut emissions in half by over 50%. Advent’s fuel cell technology offers a scalable, cost-effective option to contribute to this decarbonization goal.

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