Redaptive ONE Digital Platform Ensures Building Efficiency, Sustainability

by | Aug 2, 2023

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Redaptive, an energy service provider, has released its newest technology, a digital platform called Redaptive ONE to help companies improve the efficiency of their buildings and overall operations.

Recognizing the number of businesses shifting toward more sustainable practices, the Energy-as-a-Service company has created a digital platform that uses data to offer better energy management and enhance sustainability reporting. Subsequently, this platform can also reduce costs by providing data on energy consumption.

Redaptive ONE: IoT Technology Revolutionizing Energy Management

Redaptive ONE’s approach lies in its IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This platform leverages electric, gas, and water smart-metering technology to provide real-time data dashboards tailored for facility and energy managers’ building portfolios.

The complexity of managing multi-state real estate portfolios with numerous buildings often translates into the laborious task of sifting through countless utility bills to track energy consumption. The platform, however, streamlines this process by offering a comprehensive overview of consumption patterns across building portfolios in real time.

The platform Unlocks Savings and Efficiency

According to Redaptive, businesses can decrease reporting costs and the time required to gather and analyze data by 50% by using Redaptive ONE. Moreover, the platform can help with utility spending reductions, with potential savings ranging between 5% to 15%, the company said. These cost-effective outcomes translate into significant resource allocation for other vital business operations.

The Benefits of Data-Driven Insights

The platform’s Sustainability Data Module integrates with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and third-party API tracking software. This integration simplifies energy reporting and benchmarking, to help sustainability leaders striving to navigate the complex landscape of environmental impact assessment and reporting. Notably, this capability proves invaluable for commercial and logistics real estate owners, enabling them to access vital tenant utility consumption data that was previously inaccessible, Redaptive said.

Spencer Gerberding of WPT Capital Advisors discussed how Redaptive ONE’s real-time capabilities identify irregular consumption patterns and automatically alert for leaks and off-peak system operation, contributing to safer and healthier buildings.

WPT Capital Advisors and Redaptive ONE

Redaptive ONE has since been implemented across 18 locations managed by WPT Capital Advisors, and in particular, the platform has yielded results in just five months, according to Redaptive and WPT. The platform’s ability to provide easy access to energy consumption data for crucial ESG and GRESB reporting can also potentially eliminate the need to gather and decipher utility bills.

Redaptive ONE has gained support from industry members with a recent $250 million fundraiser with CPP Investments, Honeywell, CBRE, Linse Capital, and others.

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