Planet Labs Releases Forest Carbon Dataset

Imaging of forest canopy

(Credit: Planet Labs)

by | Aug 16, 2023

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Imaging of forest canopy

(Credit: Planet Labs)

Planet Labs has announced plans to release its Forest Carbon Planetary Variable, a dataset that will provide insights into forest changes and carbon capture.

The modeling product will be able to analyze forest ecosystems nearly at the individual tree level. The tool will prove especially useful for voluntary carbon market participants, service providers dependent on forests in their supply chains, and regulators needing insights into changes in forest area and carbon stocks, to name a few. The dataset will also match the accuracy of physical and airborne measurements of forest cover and carbon at a much lower cost.

A 30-meter resolution product will be released this year, and the company plans to also launch a 3-meter resolution product in 2024.

“Our Forest Carbon Planetary Variable represents a significant leap forward in carbon monitoring capabilities, and we’re excited to offer it at such an accessible price to empower organizations to truly scale their understanding of forest change,” said Planet Labs’ President of Product and Business, Kevin Weil. “With its high resolution, accuracy, and frequency, Planet’s Forest Carbon sets a new industry standard that will enable more informed decision-making and drive effective climate action worldwide.”

Importance of Accurate Carbon Monitoring for Greenwashing Prevention

Planet Labs’ new tool will provide frequent and granular data that contributes to accurate carbon monitoring, helping limit fraud and other greenwashing tactics. The company also aims to make transparency affordable by offering the product at as low as $0.10 per hectare.

The World Economic Forum claims the voluntary carbon market lacks transparency, so various technologies like these are being developed and adopted to better monitor them. With such carbon-tracking abilities, companies can show stakeholders exactly where carbon credits derive.

With the Forest Carbon tool, data can be collected on aboveground live carbon, canopy height, and canopy cover. It will also be updated quarterly to ensure up-to-date decision-making for its stakeholders.

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