Pioneer Energy, Bayswater Pilot Zero-Emission Oil System

An image of ECT Technology from Pioneer Energy

Credit: Pioneer Technology

by | Aug 15, 2023

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An image of ECT Technology from Pioneer Energy

(Credit: Pioneer Technology)

Pioneer Energy and Bayswater Exploration & Production have revealed the successful field trial of a new emission control treater (ECT) technology that can reduce or eliminate emissions in oil production.

Pioneer, an oilfield services company dedicated to driving oil and gas decarbonization, and Bayswater, a Colorado-based oil producer, designed technology that can curb emissions and enhance crude oil yield. According to the companies, the field trial pilot at a production site in Weld County, Colorado, was successful and revealed a near-complete well pad emission elimination, autonomous operations, and an 11.3% increase in crude yield.

The collaboration between Pioneer Energy and Bayswater demonstrated the potential of the ECT technology in lowering emissions in the oil and gas industry. The technology is a zero-emission, tankless oil pad production system, which is intended to be a replacement for nearly all existing well pad infrastructure. According to Pioneer Energy, the current well pad design ultimately contributes to greenhouse gas emissions with the crude oil production process. 

Unlike traditional methods, the ECT technology employs a single-stage method that expels volatile components from crude, minimizing emissions. With fewer components and emissions sources, the ECT drastically reduces emissions (by 90% or more), minimizes pad size, lowers maintenance costs, and improves pad uptime.

ECT Technology Field Trial Pilot

According to the pilot program, important facets of the ECT technology’s function were revealed.

The field trial showcased how the technology has the capacity to streamline the oil production process from wellhead fluid to sales on an operational well pad, the companies said. The trial provided evidence of the ECT’s reliability and autonomous functionality. Notably, the system also nearly eliminated emissions from the well pad processing system. The ECT’s performance was further highlighted by the increase in crude oil volume production. 

Pioneer Energy also offers the Pegasus field gas conditioning system, aimed at reducing emissions and fuel costs from hydraulic fracturing, as well as advanced flare gas capture and processing equipment. The company said it is poised to make commercial production of ECT systems, with anticipated commencement in 2024.  

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