Lightning eMotors Electric Vans Power Utah Clean Cities Shuttle Program

two white lightning ZEV3 vans are parked on pavement

by | Aug 25, 2023

two white lightning ZEV3 vans are parked on pavement

Credit: Lightning eMotors

Lightning eMotors, a provider of all-electric powertrains and commercial electric fleet vehicles, has added more electric vehicles to the Utah Clean Cities East Zion electric van shuttle program pilot.

The initiative, which began in 2019, focuses on demonstrating the efficiency and viability of electric vehicle transportation in rural communities. Lightning eMotors recently deployed two of its Lightning ZEV3 Class 3 passenger vans as part of this program, marking a milestone in the promotion of sustainable and zero-emission mobility solutions.

Electric Van Shuttle Program for Smart Mobility

The Utah Clean Cities East Zion pilot shuttle program represents a collaborative effort between industry stakeholders, federal agencies, and local authorities. Its primary goal is to showcase how electrified shuttle systems can enhance regional resilience and connectivity. 

The deployment of Lightning’s ZEV3 passenger vans is particularly significant for the East Zion area, which has grappled with safety and congestion issues, especially around the iconic Mt. Carmel Tunnel. By introducing appropriately sized shuttles tailored to the tunnel’s dimensions, the program also aims to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance safety. This approach not only respects the area’s historical significance but also promises a more enjoyable and secure experience for visitors.

Proven Technology and a Nationwide Vision

The selection of Lightning eMotors as the electrified shuttle partner for the EVZion project followed a meticulous and comprehensive evaluation process. Utah Clean Cities has closely monitored Lightning’s technological developments and expressed high confidence in their potential to become leaders in the field. The program, with its zero-emission objectives, has the potential to expand its pilot run into a nationwide initiative.

Customization for Efficiency

Lightning’s ZEV3 vans were customized to incorporate rear-facing cameras by their partner, Volition Components, enabling the folding of side mirrors to facilitate safe passage in the tunnel. Alongside the deployment of the vans, Lightning is demonstrating Lightning Mobile, a technology that provides fast vehicle charging in a portable trailer format. For remote locations without direct access to the grid, this design can be crucial for charging EVs.

A Growing Impact on Sustainable Mobility

The deployment of Lightning eMotors’ vehicles in the Utah Clean Cities East Zion pilot shuttle program comes on the heels of another significant announcement involving Teton Village, Wyoming.

Lightning eMotors has been selected to replace diesel buses with their electric vehicles, aiming to serve nearly half a million people in and around Teton Village resort. This demonstrates Lightning eMotors’ commitment to delivering customized and sustainable transportation solutions that meet specific customer needs. Lightning has already delivered more than 600 fully electric vehicles, covering more than 5 million miles.


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