Lenovo Launches Reduced Carbon Transport Service

airplane flying over cargo boxes

(Credit: Lenovo)

by | Aug 31, 2023

airplane flying over cargo boxes

(Credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo is launching its new Reduced Carbon Transport service, which allows companies to lower carbon emissions from air-shipped IT deliveries.

The platform allows Lenovo customers to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits to reduce net emissions from shipping IT products. Credits are then attributed to their purchase, with a minimum of 70% carbon emissions reductions.

Since SAF helps reduce emissions from airfreight transportation, this new ability can help companies track and reach targets for Scope 3 emissions. Defined as emissions that occur indirectly, or outside of a company’s walls, Scope 3 emissions account for about 70% of the average corporate total emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. With the Reduced Carbon Transport Service, customers will receive a confirmation of the amount of emissions reduced, allowing for better overall Scope 3 emissions reporting.

The new system adds to Lenovo’s current delivery solutions that help customers achieve their sustainability goals, including the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service and Asset Recovery Services.

“We’re embedding sustainability deeper into the technology value chain with innovations like Reduced Carbon Transport so that customers have a pathway to more sustainable IT decision-making,” said Claudia Contreras, executive director of Global Sustainability Services for Lenovo. “At Lenovo, we are committed to more than just our own Net-Zero vision. Net-Zero is achieved through a collection of sustainable choices. We are happy to be the trusted business partner and solution provider that helps customers achieve both digital transformation and sustainability success.”

Importance of Scope 3 Emissions Tracking in ESG Reporting

As ESG reporting becomes increasingly more important for companies and organizations, attention has been drawn towards how to track and report Scope 3 emissions.

Carbon management and sustainable data companies have been working towards improved Scope 3 data tracking and analysis. Recently, Emitwise and Sedex announced a partnership that will work towards addressing challenges in supply chain data, especially for Scope 3 emissions. Further, as more regulators push for inclusion of Scope 3 emissions reporting, 63% of the largest 500 U.S. public companies have voluntarily reported on Scope 3 emissions. Improved Scope 3 emissions reporting offers a more accurate picture of companies’ overall environmental footprint.

Lenovo’s new service contributes to tracking emissions along companies’ value chains and can allow customers to access fast business tech transport without compromising on environmental impact.

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