GE Vernova Acquires Greenbird Integration Technology to Accelerate Sustainable Grid

electric power lines

(Credit: Canva Pro)

by | Aug 15, 2023

electric power lines

(Credit: Canva Pro)

GE Vernova’s digital business has acquired Greenbird Integration Technology, a data integration platform company specializing in utilities.

This move from GE Vernova is part of the company’s plans to develop a more sustainable grid. The acquisition will bolster the capabilities of GridOS, a software portfolio designed explicitly for grid orchestration, enabling system connections and scalable data integration across the grid. The financial terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed.

According to Scott Reese, CEO of GE Vernova’s Digital business, understanding the effects of data connectivity within utilities can offer more efficiency. Reese cited fragmented data as a significant barrier to grid modernization and the energy transition. GE Vernova Digital’s acquisition of Greenbird is positioned as a solution to this challenge, enabling the seamless connection of diverse data sources and propelling their vision for GridOS, which aims to enhance energy security for global utilities.

GridOS Functionality

GridOS is a software platform and application suite that provides secure and dependable grid operations while embracing the resilience and flexibility demanded by global utilities. By harnessing a federated data fabric, GridOS integrates energy data, network modeling, and AI-driven analytics from across the grid, setting the stage for an agile, data-driven energy landscape.

The integration of Greenbird’s technology will further enhance the data fabric, facilitating swift and efficient connection and aggregation of energy data, subsequently streamlining data integration initiatives, and reducing associated costs. This synergy also paves the way for the integration of modern software solutions such as advanced energy management systems, advanced distribution management solutions, and distributed energy resource management systems, opening new avenues for grid automation.

As the energy landscape evolves, data integration assumes significance, particularly in the context of challenges posed by the growth of electric vehicles and the integration of renewable energy sources. With an anticipated surge in EV adoption and the impending influx of renewable power capacity, integrated data solutions are pivotal to successful grid management and the realization of a sustainable energy future.

Greenbird Integration Technology’s platform, delivered as a service (iPaaS), complements GE Vernova’s vision, accelerating the deployment of essential GridOS components. Moreover, the acquisition welcomes Greenbird’s team of data specialists to the Grid Software group, augmenting the pool of expertise for developing and deploying distributed data processes tailored to utility-scale applications. This strategic move aims to advance the AI- and data-driven approach of GridOS, which can potentially inform large-scale decarbonization and electrification efforts.

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