Ford, SK On, EcoProBM Make Significant Investment in Québec Cathode Plant

Exterior shot of EcoPro in Canada

(Credit: EcoPro CAM)

by | Aug 18, 2023

Exterior shot of EcoPro in Canada

(Credit: EcoPro CAM)

Ford, SK On, and EcoProBM are investing $889 million to establish a cathode manufacturing facility in Bécancour, Québec. This facility aims to produce crucial cathode active materials (CAM) for batteries, a key component powering Ford’s forthcoming electric vehicles.

The joint venture underscores the shift towards battery material localization, which ultimately ensures more readily available materials for the transition to clean vehicles.

EcoPro CAM Canada LP and its Role in Electrifying Québec

With production slated to commence in the first half of 2026, the facility is expected to yield up to 45,000 metric tons of CAM annually. The facility is part of Ford’s initiatives to establish a closed-loop battery manufacturing supply chain in North America. 

The facility will be helmed by EcoPro CAM Canada LP, specializing in the production of high-quality nickel cobalt manganese cathode materials. These materials, integrated with EcoPro’s core-shell gradient technology, are anticipated to elevate battery performance and extend EV range beyond current benchmarks. As Ford touts cutting-edge engineering and design, the anticipated battery is meant to align with the company’s vision for enhanced EV platforms.

Strategic Partnerships and Global Growth

SK On, an electric vehicle battery developer, is part of the partnership as the company’s role is meant to assist with obtaining a stable supply of battery raw materials in North America. With its annual production capacity in North America projected to exceed 180-gigawatt hours after 2025, it is expected that SK On could power nearly 1.7 million electric vehicles each year.

EcoProBM, a cathode material production company, is known for its comprehensive cathode material ecosystem in Korea. The company’s venture into Canada is a new venture in the company’s global expansion. By producing 45,000 metric tons of cathode materials a year, EcoProBM helps with the production of up to 225,000 electric vehicles each year.

EcoProBM established the EcoPro CAM Canada LP in February 2023, and SK On and Ford are poised to become investors once the deal is closed. EcoProBM will be responsible for the day-to-day operations at the facility.

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