DP World, Cemex Aim to Improve Waste Management in Dominican Republic

Credit: Regenera

by | Aug 11, 2023

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(Credit: Regenera)

DP World and Cemex’s Regenera have partnered with a central focus on circular waste management in the Dominican Republic, focusing on converting waste tires into an eco-friendly substitute for fossil fuels, effectively combating methane emissions and aligning with both companies’ ambitious environmental goals.

Regenera, Cemex’s circular waste management business, emerged out of Cemex with the sole purpose of extending the life of products and materials. Now, Regenera plans to convert waste tires from DP World’s operations into a clean alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

Cemex’s waste-to-energy practices offer ways for both public and private entities seeking to minimize their environmental impact.

The utilization of waste tires, with their high biomass content, serves as a crucial component in Cemex’s efforts to achieve decarbonization targets within its Future in Action program. By repurposing waste tires as part of their alternative fuel mix, Cemex effectively curbs harmful emissions that would otherwise result from traditional waste disposal methods.

The Cement Kiln’s Role

Cemex employs waste tires in its cement kilns, where they play a role in fueling the kiln’s operation. The kiln’s high operating temperature ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations, mitigating air quality concerns and emission control issues in the Dominican Republic.

Previously, Cemex used fossil fuels to heat the kiln, but as of May 2022, the kiln changed to electric. The waste tires are now another alternative fuel offering.

Through this collaboration, DP World solidifies its commitment to more circular and sustainable waste management practices across its operations. By aligning with Regenera’s innovative approach, DP World takes a step towards fulfilling its global sustainability strategy. This strategy outlines the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 28% by 2030, achieving carbon neutrality by 2040, and ultimately becoming a net-zero emissions operation by 2050.

Cemex also has a program that mirrors DP World’s sustainability aspirations, focusing on improving sustainability through climate action, circularity, and responsible natural resource management. As part of its comprehensive urbanization solutions portfolio, Regenera plays a crucial role in facilitating the circular economy and ensuring that waste generated by the global supply chain is managed sustainably.

DP World has invested over $500 million to reduce emissions by 700,000 tons from its operations by 2028. This investment reflects a dedicated focus on electrification and efficiency enhancements.

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