Braskem, SCG Chemicals Join to Advance Bio-Based Ethylene in Thailand

Transparent polyethylene plastic modules coming out of a container.

(Credit: Canva Pro)

by | Aug 21, 2023

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Transparent polyethylene plastic modules coming out of a container.

(Credit: Canva Pro)

Braskem, a biopolymers production company, and SCG Chemicals, a petrochemical company in Thailand and Southeast Asia, have established Braskem Siam Company Limited to produce bio-ethylene from bio-ethanol dehydration and commercialize bio-based polyethylene.

The collaboration will use the EtE EverGreen technology in the process and will develop green polymer. This technology is a result of a collaboration between Lummus Technology and Braskem.

The bio-based polyethylene is a sustainable plastic made from renewable ethanol sourced from sugar cane, reducing its carbon footprint compared to traditional fossil-based plastics. It is used in various products, from packaging to toys and household items, and can be recycled just like conventional polyethylene.

According to Braskem, the bio-ethylene plant is the first of its kind outside of Brazil. This facility has the potential to nearly double the production capacity of I’m green bio-based polyethylene, which can help meet the increasing global demand for sustainable biopolymers, particularly in Asia.

The collaboration will use Braskem’s expertise in bio-based plastics and operational experience in ethanol dehydration. SCG Chemicals, proficient in high-quality polyethylene grades, offers operational adeptness in polyethylene manufacturing.

Braskem’s CEO, Roberto Bischoff, and SCG Chemicals’ CEO and president, Tanawong Areeratchakul, said the partnership will help with the company’s goal of producing 1 million tons of green products by 2030. The company also has a strategy to replace fossil feedstock with renewables and reduce the carbon footprint of their industry.

The project is planned for Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand, pending approval from anti-trust authorities and final investment decisions from both companies. With SCG Chemicals’ aim to expand its green business, the company also has the opportunity to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly plastics, particularly in Asia and Europe.

Braskem, as a petrochemical company, seeks to promote sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics. The company has operations in more than 70 countries and 40 industrial units located in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, and Germany. Braskem’s product portfolio includes plastic resins and chemical products that cater to a wide range of industries, such as food packaging, construction, automotive, and more. 

Braskem, alongside SCG Chemicals, a company focused on producing petrochemical products, can develop ethanol from sugar cane instead of traditional fossil feedstock. Once the new plant is built in Thailand, the production capacity could potentially double in quantity.

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