Autel Energy Brings AC Chargers to European Market

car plugged into EV charger

(Credit: Autel Energy)

by | Aug 30, 2023

car plugged into EV charger

(Credit: Autel Energy)

Autel Energy said that its dual-socket commercial EV charger, the MaxiCharger AC Ultra, will now be available in European markets.

The MaxiCharger AC Ultra is the world’s most powerful AC charger, according to the company, as it can output 22 kilowatts of power simultaneously to two electric vehicles at one time. The charger features an LCD touchscreen, an IP54-rated enclosure, an RFID card reader, and many options for customization.

Autel emphasizes the opportunities offered from their cloud-based portal, which includes the ability to provide charge rate discounts based on customer profiles and driver groups along with the capacity to monetize programmatic advertising.

“Our cloud platform is the brain behind a full-scale charging station,” said Kelvin Cao, vice president of global marketing for Autel. “Everything is designed to enhance the operator’s experience. Whether you have one MaxiCharger or 100, the cloud can handle it all with ease, putting operators in full control of their business.”

Touchscreen Capabilities and Payment Options Make Charging Easy

In addition to Autel’s cloud technology, the AC chargers include user-friendly touchscreens that allow for businesses to show branded videos, slideshows, or third-party promotional content to customers. The touchscreen display also provides charging data, including cost, power usage, kilowatt-hours consumed, and total duration of the charging session.

“The MaxiCharger AC Ultra sets a new standard for convenience with its touchscreen interface,” said Cao. “Drivers can initiate the charging process with just a few taps on the screen. The interface presents all information in a clear and comprehensible manner, offering electric vehicle drivers a truly exceptional charging experience.”

Also allowing for straightforward EV charging, drivers using the EV charger are offered multiple payment options, including Autel’s Charge app, credit card, or RFID Cards.

As Europe’s EV market continues to grow, charging technology has been developed to meet the needs of EV customers. As a part of the industry’s expansion, Autel offers a wide range of convenient and technologically advanced residential and commercial EV chargers.

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