PowerFlex Introduces Software, Support Services for California’s EV Fleet

by | Jul 3, 2023

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PowerFlex, a provider of sustainable energy and electric vehicle (EV) technology, has recently unveiled PowerFlex X, its software and support services designed for a large-scale electric vehicle fleet in California. The software aims to enhance operational efficiency and reduce energy costs by monitoring and controlling thousands of charging stations.

With Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) operating this EV fleet, the goal of the software is to change charging infrastructure and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the state.

EV Fleet Charging Software

The PowerFlex X software integrates technology to optimize the nearly 4,000 charging stations currently under development.

Each charging site will be equipped with a secure and discrete onsite controller that will stream sensor data to the cloud. By leveraging this data, the software will ensure peak performance and enable the system to operate at its highest efficiency level. This intelligent monitoring system not only increases operational efficiency but also helps to reduce overall energy costs associated with the charging infrastructure.

Partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company

With a commitment to electrify a significant portion of its fleet by 2030, PG&E is embracing PowerFlex X as a crucial component of its sustainability strategy. By implementing the software, PG&E aims to electrify 100% of its light-duty fleet, 50% of its medium-duty fleet, and 20% of its heavy-duty fleet within the next decade. PG&E serves more than 16 million people across northern and central California.

Real-time Monitoring and Energy Savings

The PowerFlex system offers a comprehensive customer portal that empowers PG&E to monitor charging stations in real-time. The portal provides valuable insights, historical reporting, alerts, and dashboards, enabling PG&E to track energy savings, EV charging metrics, and greenhouse gas reductions. 

Algorithms for Grid-Friendly Charging

The software incorporates Adaptive Load Management (ALM), a suite of intelligent algorithms that distribute and balance energy usage across EV charging networks. This feature mitigates spikes in electricity demand, making the charging process grid-friendly, according to PowerFlex.

By implementing ALM, PG&E can install up to four times more chargers compared to unmanaged charging while adhering to the same onsite power limit. This strategic approach significantly expands the charging capacity and ensures a reliable and efficient charging experience for the EV fleet. PowerFlex provides round-the-clock monitoring and guarantees 98% uptime for charging stations, ensuring that the fleet is always ready to operate.

Additionally, PowerFlex supports PG&E’s participation in demand response events, such as California’s Emergency Load Reduction Program. By enrolling the EV charging sites in these events, the chargers can contribute to the health of the grid during peak electricity usage periods, further enhancing the overall sustainability and reliability of the charging infrastructure.

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