New Makersite App Calculates Recycled Content for Manufacturing Companies

by | Jul 12, 2023


(Credit: Makersite)

International SaaS platform, Makersite, has launched an app that allows companies to calculate and report recycled content in their products, creating an efficient compliance process for global recycling regulations.

Many governments have started to implement initiatives for recycling, such as the EU Green Deal Initiative and the Packaged Product Waste Regulations, but technological innovations are needed in order to measure recycling efforts. Makersite’s platform aims to streamline this often imprecise process.

“Around the world, governments are implementing recycled content requirements in order to meet their decarbonization and waste reduction goals. Unfortunately, very few companies have the ability to reliably measure and report on the recycled content of their products. You cannot manage what you can’t measure,” said Neil D’Souza, founder and CEO of Makersite. “Our new capability will enable procurement, compliance, and sustainability practitioners to confidently report the amount of recycled content in their products, saving time and resources while ensuring the highest degree of accuracy.”

Makersite uses artificial intelligence and automation to calculate, verify, and report recycled content within manufactured products, helping make sustainability an operational reality. The app will supplement the company’s preexisting platform, which includes access to over 140 data sources that aim to automate companies’ net zero goals.

Measuring Systems’ Role in Facing Recycling Challenges, Especially Plastic

According to a recent report on plastic recycling, innovative technologies like the Makersite app, are needed in order to drive down the cost of sustainable commodities. Further, companies must be able to quantify recycling in order to assess whether they are meeting sustainability targets in reality.

With rising concern over the global amount of plastic in our environment comes increased interest in recycling innovations. Measuring tools like this application can help implement policy shifts that could reportedly reduce plastic pollution by 80% by 2040.

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