Koch Modular Launches ‘Project Enterprise’ Carbon Capture System

by | Jul 20, 2023

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Credit: Business Wire

Koch Modular has launched its “Project Enterprise,” a carbon capture system. Koch Modular unveiled the project with the intention of shifting the current approaches to carbon capture technology.

Named Project Enterprise, this carbon capture demonstration scale system was developed through a collaboration with ION Clean Energy. The system promises to achieve a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, potentially up to 95%. 

Project Enterprise Harnesses Carbon Capture Solvent Technology

Project Enterprise demonstrates Koch Modular’s role in developing, testing, and delivering a highly efficient carbon dioxide capture process. At its core lies a carbon capture solvent, ICE-31, pioneered by ION Clean Energy, a pioneering company specializing in sustainable solvent technologies based in Colorado. The collaboration between Koch Modular and ION Clean Energy’s engineers has resulted in a transformative solvent with unparalleled capabilities in capturing CO2.

Addressing Emissions from Natural Gas Combustion

Installed at Calpine’s Los Medanos Energy Center in Pittsburg, California, Project Enterprise addresses carbon emissions stemming from natural gas combustion. Traditionally, flue gases produced during natural gas combustion release carbon dioxide directly into the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect.

However, the new system diverts a portion of Calpine’s flue gas to assess the efficiency of carbon capture with ION Clean Energy’s proprietary solvent. This data will provide valuable insights into the advantages of ION’s solvent technology and its potential to combat emissions from diverse fuel sources.

The Three-Step Carbon Capture Process

Project Enterprise employs a three-step process to achieve its results. First, the hot flue gases are cooled, creating an ideal environment for carbon dioxide absorption using ION’s transformative ICE-31 solvent.

The proprietary solvent boasts a faster and higher-capacity reaction with carbon dioxide compared to other commercial solvents, making it a game-changer in the field of carbon capture technology. Next, the solvent undergoes regeneration in a state-of-the-art distillation column, allowing the captured carbon dioxide to be stripped from the solvent and collected as a valuable distilled product.

This demonstration-scale system validates not only the removal efficiency but also the unprecedented stability and low energy consumption required with ION’s carbon capture technology.

Project Enterprise is a result of a collaborative effort and joint funding from multiple parties, including the Department of Energy, ION Clean Energy, and Calpine.

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