IBM Launches AI-Powered Cloud Carbon Calculator

by | Jul 27, 2023

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IBM has unveiled its latest tool, the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator, aimed at helping enterprises track and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across cloud services.

This artificial intelligence-informed dashboard empowers clients to access emissions data from various IBM Cloud workloads, including AI, high-performance computing (HPC), and financial services. With an increasing number of CEOs prioritizing environmental sustainability, this tool comes as businesses are seeking to balance high-performance workloads with their commitment to sustainability.

Enterprises across industries are leveraging their usage of hybrid cloud and AI to digitally transform their operations while maintaining resiliency, performance, security, and compliance. Among the top challenges identified by CEOs, environmental sustainability has emerged as a critical focus over the next three years.

Simultaneously, the adoption of generative AI adds to the data management needs for successful implementation, potentially impacting GHG emissions. As organizations continue to utilize generative AI for strategic decision-making, the responsibility to balance performance with sustainability becomes paramount.

Introducing the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator

The IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator has been specifically designed to address the challenges presented by the growing data processing requirements for AI workloads and assist clients in reducing their GHG emissions.

Powered by machine learning and advanced algorithms, this tool quickly identifies patterns, anomalies, and outliers in data that may be associated with higher emissions. Developed in collaboration with Intel and incorporating technology from IBM Research, the calculator assists organizations in uncovering emissions hot spots in their IT workloads. By providing valuable insights, enterprises can make informed decisions and develop effective emissions mitigation strategies.

Benefits and Capabilities of the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator

The IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator offers granular emission tracking, allowing clients to access GHG emissions data for their IBM Cloud workloads easily. Users can visualize and track emissions associated with specific cloud services and locations, following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines.

The tool also enables enterprises to analyze emissions trends over time, identifying anomalies and hotspots, leading to real-time adjustments to optimize workloads and reduce emissions. Furthermore, the calculator provides output and audit trails for reporting purposes and allows integration with the IBM Envizi ESG Suite for in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting.

One of the companies benefiting from the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator is e.tres, an Argentinian e-commerce platform. Committed to sustainability, e.tres utilizes the AI-enabled dashboard to measure and offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with its digital operations. By leveraging the insights gained, the company enhances the sustainability of its clients’ operations, technology, and logistics shipments.


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